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Elizabeth Russell

Elizabeth is an editorial assistant at WORLD.

Articles by Elizabeth Russell
Haiti’s cry for help

Haiti’s cry for help

What’s behind the government’s request for foreign assistance—and troops?

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IN THE NEWS | Public safety is a primary issue in some governor’s races

TECHNOLOGY | App allows students and teachers to report suspicious behavior to the government


Elizabeth Russell | From civil rights to psychedelics to abortion, voters prepare to weigh in

TECHNOLOGY | Police turn to warrantless phone surveillance app in the fight against crime

As Afghans face famine and winter cold, sanctions and Taliban rule continue to obstruct humanitarian aid

RELIGION | A cult from South Korea has a falling out in Japan

Peter Biles, Abi Churchill, Bekah McCallum, Alexandra Presta, Elizabeth Russell, Ava Woodard | As fuel and other prices rise, higher costs damage every link in the food supply chain