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Elizabeth Russell

Elizabeth Russell

Elizabeth is a reporter and editorial assistant at WORLD. She is a graduate of World Journalism Institute and Patrick Henry College.

Articles by Elizabeth Russell
Campaigning on discontent

Campaigning on discontent

IN THE NEWS | A U.K. election shows how international realities are reshaping right- and left-wing politics

Some African churches want to restructure the denomination while others believe that sacrifices Biblical orthodoxy

IN THE NEWS | Pro-Palestinian protests favor popular political narrative over spiritual and historical realities

TECHNOLOGY | $1.5 billion investment in the UAE aims to marginalize China


Elizabeth Russell | Denominations wracked by doctrinal disputes attempt to unify through separation

IN THE NEWS | President Joe Biden tempers his pro-Israel stance as Palestinian casualties and political pushback mount

RELIGION | Utah adds Ten Commandments to history curricula

IN THE NEWS | Alabama high court’s ruling on frozen embryos reveals Republican disagreements on IVF

RELIGION | Indian state enforces uniform matrimonial practices

BACKGROUNDER | The United Nations–run organization providing aid to hundreds of ­thousands of Palestinians has been repeatedly accused of ties to terrorism