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Bob Brown

Bob is a movie reviewer for WORLD. He is a World Journalism Institute graduate and works as a math professor. Bob resides with his wife, Lisa, and five kids in Bel Air, Md.

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Articles by Bob Brown
<em>The Pez Outlaw</em>

The Pez Outlaw

DOCUMENTARY | Filmmakers Amy and Bryan Storkel offer a sympathetic portrayal of an American schemer’s candy dispenser resale racket

MOVIE | Well-acted, superbly crafted British musical offers a celebration of children and babies

MOVIE | Guillermo del Toro’s retelling of the Pinocchio story is visually spectacular but takes a seemingly dim view of Christianity

MOVIE | Frenetic, funny Christmas film delivers British charm but succumbs to secular progressivism


MOVIE | Angel-themed family film is clean but misses the mark

TELEVISION | Promising Netflix series gets busted by family unfriendly content

DOCUMENTARY | Film offers an insider’s look at the rock world’s drumming scene

DOCUMENTARY | This film’s exploration of a mathematical concept ends without a satisfying conclusion

TELEVISION | The latest season of a critically acclaimed crime anthology is compelling but marred by gratuitous content

MOVIE | This epic set in 1820s West Africa shows two female warriors defending their homeland from enemies of any origin