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Bekah McCallum

Bekah McCallum

Bekah is a reviewer, reporter, and editorial assistant at WORLD. She is a graduate of World Journalism Institute and Anderson University.

Articles by Bekah McCallum

CHILDREN’S BOOKS | Reviews of four books about animals

TELEVISION | Series about a Founding Father’s diplomacy in France fixates on romantic liaisons

TRENDING | Calls to keep the cathedral’s makeover culturally conservative have for the most part prevailed


TELEVISION | A Russian aristocrat watches his country change over 32 years of house arrest—but this adaptation lacks the quiet wisdom of its source material

BOOKS | Novel explores the history and perils of AI

BOOKS | A fragmented gospel lies within a Holocaust story

BUSINESS | Some companies opt for just four days of labor

TELEVISION | Thriller series about the hunt for Lincoln’s assassin is exciting but tries too hard to make history cool

DOCUMENTARY | Four-part series spotlights an Argentinian soccer star’s blunders, triumphs, and humility—and his fans’ fanaticism and idolatry