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The next deviant frontier

Will normalizing pedophilia be the next frontier? It certainly won’t be the final one.

Pedophilia is the sexual attraction to children who haven’t begun puberty. It’s difficult for most people to understand because it’s abnormal. Deviant. A perversion. Like homosexuality, it’s against the natural order. Most people are repulsed just thinking about it.

By now, everyone should see the proverbial writing on the wall, as sexual orientation becomes a part of so-called anti-discrimination laws. Look what happened in Houston with its anti-discrimination law, where the city ordered pastors to turn over sermons that mention the sin of homosexuality. The homosexual lobby now has the government on its side to penalize people for opposing it. They’ve sued Christian business owners, threatening their livelihood, for refusing to celebrate sin. One couple shut down the wedding photography side of their business to avoid lawsuits. Others face fines. A Christian baker was ordered to go through sensitivity training for refusing to bake a wedding cake for two men.

And now comes the danger of pedophilia becoming a recognized sexual orientation. Public Advocate, a Virginia-based conservative nonprofit group, is lobbying against the sexual orientation expansion of Michigan’s anti-discrimination law. Eugene Delgaudio, the organization’s president, dubbed it the Pedophile Protection Act. If who or what a person is attracted to gives them special rights, one can easily envision pedophiles attempting to become part of a LGBT protected class (LGBTP?) or creating its own, with a similar powerful lobby and government force behind it. God forbid. It’s too horrible to imagine how far this will go.

Not too long ago, some of us might have called Delgaudio delusional or an extremist for suggesting such a thing. No one could have imagined that two men would demand the right to call themselves married, publicly and without shame. Now, the normalization of pedophilia is on the horizon.

America is in an accelerated state of decline. In our present age, where thought is punishable, Christians already face adverse government action for opposing what the God we worship calls an abomination. In fact, publications like WORLD and personal blogs could become the last forums of free expression of the Christian faith.

In our lifetime, individuals might have to choose between openly sharing the gospel and face heavy fines or jail or keeping our faith in the closet. The more deviancy is accepted as normal, the less far-fetched that sounds. But within the depths of depravity can come salvation. As the Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 6:

“For when you were slaves of sin, you were free in regard to righteousness. What fruit did you have then in the things of which you are now ashamed? For the end of those things is death. But now having been set free from sin, and having become slaves of God, you have your fruit to holiness, and the end, everlasting life. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

La Shawn Barber La Shawn is a former WORLD columnist.


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