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More crime, less punishment

This was an excellent report by Kim Henderson. Linda Frickey’s story weighs heavily on my heart. It could’ve happened to any of us. I am so grateful for the district attorneys who were willing to see the consequences of their ideas and change their policies.
     Bobbie Keith / Garland, Texas

U.S. Briefs: Cru employees fired

Thank you for the follow-up report on Cru’s firing of Uriah and Marissa Mundell. As a former Cru staff member, I’ve followed this story with interest and sadness. I feel burdened but not surprised that Cru leadership largely dismissed the Mundells’ concerns over the ministry’s soft stand on LGBTQ issues. Please continue to bring things out into the light even when others within evangelicalism won’t (1 John 1:6).
     Paul Gebel / Edmond, Okla.

Chatbot news network

I was sad to see that Grace Snell’s article endorsed NewsGuard as a digital ­arbiter of truth. The Twitter Files and the House Select Sub­committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government revealed it was a key element in the “censorship-industrial complex,” the state-sponsored system targeting free speech.
     Gordon Middleton / Centreville, Va.

Moral reframing

I read Lynn Vincent’s piece twice, not that I didn’t understand it, but I was looking for mentions of the two biggest perpetrators of moral reframing: pro-­abortion advocates and the alphabet of sexuality groups.
     Dennis R. Sheaffer / Hartville, Ohio

One could argue that the pinnacle—or the depths—of moral reframing is the euphemism for killing babies: “reproductive health.” What is more compassionate—except for the baby, of course—than health? Who can be opposed to health?
     Bruce McKechnie / Honey Brook, Pa.

A bloody holiness

I so appreciated Janie B. Cheaney’s dealing with blood sacrifices in the Old Testament and connecting it to Christ’s sacrifice. In reading her column, I thought how important it could be when talking to someone about becoming a follower of Christ.
     Steve Williams / Madera, Calif.

One of the clearest, most beautiful explanations of the bloody Old Testament sacrifices I have ever seen. I’ve got to pass this on!
     Susan Dickens / Greenbrier, Ark.

Janie nailed the details in Leviticus. In the Old Testament and the New Testament, God is still the same, holiness is still the same, and faith is still the same. We just don’t have to obey all the same rules as Old Testament Jews to be holy. Jesus is our holiness, but we still need to obey God’s law.
     Keith Wolstenholme / Collegeville, Pa.

Golden touch

Regarding equal player salaries between the NBA and the WNBA: When a WNBA team can fill a stadium every night and television adver­tising revenue equals the NBA, only then will WNBA salaries increase.
     Bob Francis / Wakefield, Mass.

Testament: The Story of Moses

I found myself nodding in agreement as I read Collin Garbarino’s review. What disappointed me the most about the miniseries was the missed opportunity to point out God’s holiness and His judgment against wickedness.
     Arietta Watson / Atlanta, Ga.

In appreciation

I want you to know how much I appreciate how WORLD shares God’s truth and can report the news without adding drama and fear.
     Robin Layne / Phoenix, Ariz.

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