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Handel’s triumph

Yet another inspiring cover for the Christmas edition of the magazine. Last year, it was Linus looking heavenward with joy as he recited the Christmas story, and this year, a whole chorus of faces doing the same.
     Don Barber / Newfields, N.H.

I greatly appreciated your cover story as I reminisced about my part in perpetuating Handel’s Messiah as a Christmas tradition, from helping my church’s organist carry his harpsichord into the building to my participation in a chapel group that sang “And the Glory of the Lord” and the “Hallelujah” chorus at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.
     Matthew Tubbs / Watertown, Wis.

Sometimes, when I pick up WORLD from the mailbox, I have to drop everything to read the cover story. Such was the case with the Dec. 23 issue. Great article by Caleb Bailey and an excellent follow-up by Leigh Jones. Noteworthy was the citing of Charles Jennens’ words, which were inspired by Scripture.
     Neil Slattery / Fort Worth, Texas

Thank you for Caleb’s informative article. Might there be a third reason why King George II rose to his feet during the “Hallelujah” ­chorus? Unlike King Herod, he readily acknowledged that “a greater than George” was there and stood in deferential respect and honor.
     Miriam Moran / Stone Mountain, Ga.

Cultural combatants

The article on Ukrainian expats was informative and encouraging against all the horror and discouragement of Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine.
     Robert Dunn / Fort Collins, Colo.

There is ample reason for Ukraine fatigue. First, the United States is $34 trillion in debt with no plans to ­balance a budget. Second, we have an open border and invasion of our own. Third, Ukraine’s average military “recruit” is now in his 40s. The best service to humanity is to sit at the table and negotiate a peace settlement.
     Kathy Connors / Medina, Wash.

What’s inside the Gaza Strip tunnels?

I was offended that you referred to the tunnels built by the terrorist group Hamas as “defensive.” Thankfully, later paragraphs clarified that these spaces are used to launch attacks, smuggle weapons, and hold hostages.
     Andi Michelson / East Sparta, Ohio

Bullets in the bush

You reported that “The [Australian] government bought back and destroyed 650,000 privately owned guns.” Few if any of the guns were purchased from the government, so they were not going “back.” And it was an involuntary and nonnegotiable transaction. The action would have been more accurately described as a “compensated confiscation.”
     David K. Martin / Harrisburg, Pa.

The problem with Buddha

Andrée Seu Peterson’s thoughts on life’s sufferings were more than an essay. It was pure art! It marked me. I hope WORLD collects her insightful writings into a book for us to read soon.
     Tom Cashen / Fort Wayne, Ind.


It is a common occurrence for WORLD to print letters to the editor that show critique of articles. Good job for allowing your readers to give honest and Spirit-led criticism, praise, and feedback.
     Paul Greear / Montrose, Colo.


Artifice is based on the stories of Johan van Hulst, who saved 600 Jewish children in Amsterdam, and Han Van Meegeren, who sold forged art to Nazis (“Stroke of deception,” Jan. 13, p. 32).


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