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Translation abuse

April 10—Brent Evans/Yulee, Fla.

Leah Hickman did an outstanding job of presenting both sides of this issue. Such reporting restores my faith in journalism—and even more so in the younger generation.

E. Todd Ryan/Albuquerque, N.M.

Numbers 5:27 implies that a guilty woman, whether pregnant or not, would suffer the same curse. And verse 28 indicates that infertility is the curse in mind. Even if it included a miscarriage of an illegitimate pregnancy—a big if—it was an act of God and not an act of man, as is abortion.

Finding hope after a funeral

April 10—Knox Tabb/Duluth, Ga.

Glory to God for awakening His Bride to care for the least of these.

Seeing the mind behind the universe

April 10—Robert G. DeMoss/Dresher, Pa.

Thank you for the interesting and engaging interview with Stephen Meyer. However, it is not wise to infer that scientific discoveries will strengthen the acceptance of the “God hypothesis” by nonbelievers. In the parable of Dives and Lazarus, our Lord taught that no amount of empirical evidence can convince an unbeliever of the truth.

Once more unto the breach

April 10—Winona Edwards/Live Oak, Fla.

Marvin Olasky’s column with its wonderful wisdom should be required reading in schools across the country!

Power play for women

April 10—Russell Guetschow/Vicksburg, Miss.

An obvious solution to level the competitive playing field would be to form three separate athletic divisions: Boys would compete against boys, girls against girls, and transgenders against transgenders.

We can’t count

April 10—Jay Sinnett/Greenville, S.C.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does, indeed, know how to count. The CDC’s “Excess Deaths Associated With COVID-19” chart shows the expected number of deaths from 2017 through today in the United States. And it’s clear to me that the pandemic is responsible for more than 500,000 excess deaths.

All things new

April 10—John J. Boyer/Virginia Beach, Va.

I enjoyed Resurrection up until Peter and the disciples returned to Jerusalem after Christ’s ascension. The film’s writers either didn’t read the book of Acts, or they deliberately chose to rewrite it. Interpretation is one thing, but completely changing the facts of the historical narrative is a distortion of God’s Word. As a pastor, I cannot recommend this movie.

Quick Takes: Honors by age

April 10—Dan Owens/Fort Wright, Ky.

Thanks for the story about 118-year-old Kane Tanaka carrying the Olympic torch in Japan later this year—what a wonderful tribute! While she hopes to live to 122 and become the “oldest person ever to live,” she would still have a few years to go to beat Methuselah’s record of 969 (Genesis 5:27)!

A family tree from A to Z

April 10—David Jamison/Charlottesville, Va.

I enjoyed reading Kevin Martin’s account of the family tree of WORLD. I started getting the magazine shortly after coming to Christ when you were still using newsprint. And I remember getting upset when you switched to glossy paper, because I really liked newsprint! But I got over it quickly and have thoroughly enjoyed WORLD over the years. You’ve added immeasurably to my life.

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

Translation abuse

April 10—Todd Jaussen/Greenville, Pa.

Thank you for your fine article and for educating us on how this passage of Scripture is entering into the abortion debate.

We can’t count

April 10—Steve Gimbert/Clarkesville, Ga.

Reading Joel Belz’s column reminded me of how large a debt we owe as a country and how difficult it is to comprehend. This helped me get my head around the staggering total of $28 trillion-plus: A million seconds ago is about 11.5 days. A billion seconds ago would take us back almost 32 years. And a trillion seconds ago would be nearly 30,000 years before Christ!

Dogmatic dangers

April 10—Bill Russell/Brighton, Mich.

Liberal Christians do not look for truth but instead look for a way to pretend to know the truth. To believe in part is pretty much to reject the whole. The way is truly narrow.


March 27—Leslie Ritchie/Hastings Minn.

Please let Andrée Seu Peterson know that her column on lassitude was the basis of a timely sermon by our pastor.

Crisis of faith

Feb. 13—Scott Cary/Langley, Wash.

I read your Feb. 13 issue with great interest and then marveled at the feedback you published in the March 27 issue’s Mailbag. I am a very conservative born-again follower of Jesus and thought your cover story was spot on. I appreciate the way your publication walks the fine line of promoting Christian values and principles without giving a pass to bad behavior by conservative leaders and mobs.

In praise of digital magazines

David A. Smith/Dresher, Pa.

I received the Feb. 13 issue of WORLD in my snail mailbox on April 26! The USPS distribution center in Philadelphia is in chaos and has been for months. This isn’t the only hard copy issue I have received out of sequence. All to say that I understand that WORLD has no control over this situation except for … e-delivery!I rely almost exclusively on reading the magazine on one of your superbly crafted digital apps—in my case, the Android app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet. I find the reading experience excellent in every way. I often find that my 71-year-old eyes can consume the content on the digital app better than they can looking at the print edition. And I probably get the digital version before wet ink hits glossy paper at the printer and definitely before hard copy bundles arrive at the Philly USPS distribution center’s black hole!

The apps are by no means a second cousin to the print edition. And they complement the real-time website delivery of news perfectly. I can download complete editions and read them offline until I can reconnect for real-time updates. The folks that prepare each issue for electronic delivery are truly the unsung heroes and deserve a raise or at least high commendations!

I’m a big-time fan of your apps and your delivery of a very high-quality product.


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