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May 16

Coverage vs. care

We should pray for more Christian doctors willing to look past the red tape to people and their needs. We should support medical school students: They are choosing a challenging profession, and we need more with the faith and integrity to lessen the impact of future shortages.

Chelsey McNeil on

I’m sorry that Jackie LaBaron does not have hearing aids for both ears, but not that she takes home only $60 a month. Certainly Medicaid could be better, but it appears her problem is that she did not adequately prepare financially for old age and became dependent on the government.

Barbara Wagner / Huron, Ohio

Washington is one of the states that expanded Medicaid, but it doesn’t cover hearing aids: It just covers the test to let us know we need one. Some people can’t find a primary care physician because so many doctors no longer accept Medicaid. This nightmare is exactly what I expected from the ACA.

Joellyn Clark on

Remembering the forgotten

My mother was born in Istanbul four years after the killing of Armenians started and escaped with her family to America. Hebrews tells us to remember the martyrs as if we were martyred with them. You have done this honorably.

Jeffrey C. Danco / Bridgewater, N.J.

My and my wife’s parents were all born in the old Armenia around 1900 and uprooted as teens. We saw in them the huge daily adjustments they made as they overcame a violent past. Both our fathers were so traumatized that they never spoke of the atrocities, but our mothers spoke of their sufferings regularly. Thank you—this gave us more information about our past.

Leo & Sona Setian / Siloam Springs, Ark.

True stories such as these make me wonder why God does not put a cap on the human capacity for evil. Come soon, Lord Jesus.

Wonnie Kang on

I love WORLD but found this story extremely disturbing in its graphic descriptions of torture, rape, and murder.

Jeannine Liebmann / Eureka, Mo.

Taking the baker’s challenge

Beautiful. What if Christians were known as the people who made the best cakes ever, even for people they disagreed with? When should we take a stand against sin? When others are asking us to commit it.

Rick Flanders on

Outside the playbook

If God had intended modern, loving, faithful, long-term same-sex relationships to qualify as marriage, then He would not have excluded them by definition.

James Aist on Facebook

Death by proxy

Why argue that small shareholders should not be able to confront companies like Wal-Mart with important social issues? Why shouldn’t small shareholders be able to speak their minds?

Edward Hess / Lansing, Mich.


Various state governments have outlawed minors’ ability to seek help for dealing with same-sex attraction because they’re “too young” to decide if they need or want help. When a 5-year-old boy says he wants to wear a dress, he is old enough to make that decision?

Waylont Glunt on Facebook

Harmful hype?

The more questions climate change pushers face, the more hysterical and aggressive they become. Such manipulative tactics don’t give the impression they are very confident.

Steve Arnold on

The river of your delights

Beautifully written! In a world that so distorts the pleasures God gives us to enjoy, how sweet to stop and ponder the delights of a spring day or any of His other handiworks.

Kim Miller on


Over 50 million—I can’t begin to fathom that number of displaced people.

Jan Mansfield / Buffalo, N.Y.

Auto report cards

Many companies have offered monitoring devices, but the key is to instill correct behavior before the teen is behind the wheel. If you have to monitor where your teens are driving, they should not be driving.

Randy Crews / Spokane, Wash.

May 2

Losing their shirts

Whoever said that legislating freedom costs freedom is right on! And legally forcing a person to undergo “diversity training” is tantamount to Communist brainwashing.

Jim Craig on

Waiting to break free

Thanks for this story on Cambodia. It is always challenging and refreshing to be informed of what God is doing beyond the USA.

Don Sederdahl on

California’s drought denial

This article didn’t mention that, rather than keeping water on farms where it is most needed, environmentalists in government are sending much of it into the ocean to help protect endangered fish. And then California wants Colorado’s water?

Hank Coll / Parker, Colo.

Brain scam

When Janie B. Cheaney compared genome mapping with phrenology, she could also have mentioned Francis Crick’s ridiculous belief that DNA is so complex that aliens must have seeded it here. Fortunately, for those with ears to hear, God destroyed our attempts to find the Fountain of Youth with one simple statement: “Whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”

Rob Carpenter / Kerrville, Texas

Raw risks

I’m somewhat indignant over all the hoopla about the dangers of raw milk. There is indeed some risk; but my ancestors and family were all raised on raw milk, and I have known only one person whose health was affected by its use.

W.J. McChesney / New Galilee, Pa.

April 18

You be the judge

Of course a new Christian lacks deep spiritual understanding. Ana Marie Cox should neither be judged for her immaturity nor be held up as a role model for other believers. Only time will tell if her walk is toward Jesus or not.

Jennifer Murray on

Forfeited struggle

Joel Belz argued that Christians in America don’t have the courage of their convictions because they recognize the cost. Sadly, most will capitulate to whatever the culture says is right, and those who don’t will suffer tremendous consequences. The future will be challenging and convicting in our morally repugnant society.

Phillip Woeckener / Tallahassee, Fla.

It’s no mystery

Getting Muslims to the point that they trust us enough to receive the gospel is the issue. A major barrier of distrust must be broken down on both sides.

John Willby on Facebook


The TV series Wayward Pines is based on a book series by Blake Crouch (“Wayward shines,” May 30).The first Star Wars prequel came out in 1999 (“The Force is weak,” May 16).

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