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‘From Luther to Merkel’

Oct. 28 It seems as though Chancellor Angela Merkel has more faith in humanitarianism and multiculturalism than she has in God. She has done more harm than good in Germany. —Helen Christoff on Facebook

WORLD appears to paint Merkel in a positive light, but she does not deserve it. The acceptance of so many refugees, including many able-bodied Muslim men, has resulted in deadly attacks. —Rick Ryan / Cleveland, Ohio

As much as I admired Luther, about 25 years ago I left my Lutheran denomination because, as I put it in a poem, for it “there is no compromise too great / for one more favor from the State, / or one more clink of coin in plate.” —Rich Asper / Menomonie, Wis.

‘Lord, open European eyes’

Oct. 28 The article on the Protestant churches in Vilvoorde didn’t mention the large monument on the spot Tyndale was executed. It is easily accessible via the high-speed train to Brussels, from there a local train to Vilvoorde, and then a short cab ride. It is worth the effort. —Carol Blair / Gladewater, Texas

Tyndale did all that work to bring the Bible to the masses, and now the masses just want to watch cat videos on YouTube. What a travesty. —Phillip Woeckener / Tallahassee, Fla.

‘Leaving benign behind’

Oct. 28 Google “bragged that it helped reelect Barack Obama in 2012,” and its head lobbyist visited the White House more than any other corporation. Whether it’s placement of information during a web search, millions of dollars directed to certain people, or foreign countries dropping tidbits about an opponent, all this unfair influence stinks. —D.M. Clark on wng.org

Francis Schaeffer also had the foresight to understand that it matters little whether a totalitarian government originates from the political right or left. Internet giants should be regulated as monopolies. —David Dileas on wng.org

It is scary the way things have escalated online, but how do we get off the wheel? —Darillyn Flones on wng.org

We’ve gotten used to getting valuable services for free by allowing providers to have an enormous amount of control over our information. People need to demand, and then be willing to pay for, privacy and control of their own information. —Stephen E. Camp on wng.org

‘Why so many criminals?’

Oct. 28 I agree with Anthony Bradley that we should look at why so many Americans are incarcerated, but we should not let moms and dads out of prison just so they can be with their families. People are in prison because they’ve committed serious crimes. The only solution for them is Christian life restoration programs. —Jim Richardson / Oro Valley, Ariz.

We as a society don’t want to get to the root of the problem. It’s too messy, too big, and would require Christians to get too involved. Society is broken, and the brave Christian ministries fighting the good fight are like a garden hose against a raging wildfire. —Deborah M. O’Brien on wng.org

Having worked in the criminal justice field and later adopting a child whose parents are in the system, I know that the realities are harsh. Individuals are trapped in self-defeating cycles of crime, abuse, and neglect. But for God’s intervention, the future looks grim. —Sharon Murphy on Facebook

‘Cadillac-friendly tax plan?’

Oct. 28 I am not sure there is a tax plan that a majority could agree is fair. The GOP plan is not perfect, but Henry Olsen should acknowledge the value in simplifying the tax code and eliminating the estate tax, and the simple immorality of progressive taxes. —Scott Kiewit on wng.org

Business is the engine that drives the economy and provides jobs and income for the rest of society. The GOP has it right. —Marilyn J. Hatfield on wng.org


Oct. 28 I am a 41-year-old Christian single who has never been married. I work hard not to pity myself or expect married people to have a clue about my struggles. It was so heartening to read Janie B. Cheaney’s observations. —Ruth Potter / Greenville, S.C.

We should be welcoming and encouraging unmarried people in our churches. Chastity is a virtue that is undercelebrated, and that contributes to an unhealthy attitude that sexual fulfillment is necessary for a full life. Nonsense! I’ve often seen it otherwise. —Meg Crossman / Tempe, Ariz.

‘A time to prepare’

Oct. 28 Thank you to Jamie Dean for this sensitive and insightful treatment of this “season of disasters” and the reminder that we should be ready to reach out with the love of Jesus to a sin-sick world. —Andi Michelson / East Sparta, Ohio

The world has been dark for a long time, and I didn’t really notice. This string of events scares me. I pray that God will help those families and their relatives, and that He will be the shining light in the thick darkness. —Jasper Teague, 14, on wng.org

‘Director’s cut’

Oct. 28 I appreciate Andrée Seu Peterson’s insight into God’s providential plan. He chooses our living arrangements to prepare us for the future He has planned, while so many of us look forward instead to an empty nest and a winter home in Florida. —Mike Doherty / Cleveland, Ohio

‘Powerful proclamations’

Oct. 28 These two White House pronouncements are the answers to many fervent prayers for the Little Sisters of the Poor as well as Christian colleges and businesses. So many people felt boxed into a corner by Obama administration decisions that would force them to violate their consciences or face fines. —Beth Sand Daranciang on Facebook


The pregnant woman killed in the Sutherland Springs, Texas, church shooting was due to give birth in April, according to relatives (“Protecting the flock,” Nov. 25, p. 7).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn't have space for in the print edition:

‘Think creatively’

Oct. 28 Thank you for reminding us to be creative. To use a term from Tolkien, we are “sub-creators.” We can’t make something out of nothing, as God does, but we can and should create and be creative in all our efforts.—Brent Douglas on wng.org

‘Cadillac-friendly tax plan?’

Oct. 28 Regarding the proposed tax cuts’ benefit for the wealthy, this column fails to mention that over 40 percent of Americans pay no income tax at all, and that the top 5 percent produce 60 percent of the revenue. Also, bringing the corporate tax rate in line with other industrialized nations will be an enormous benefit to the economy. H. Clay McDowell / Rising Sun, Md.

‘Casting corporate bread upon the waters’

Oct. 14 I don’t think I would find this kind of article in secular news sources, showing collusion between corporations and NGOs to silence religion in the public square. Paul Weinbrenner / Vancouver, Wash.

‘Kuyper’s manifesto’

Oct. 14 I too am game for an Anti-Revolutionary Party! I have voted for the GOP consistently since 1956 but have been mostly dissatisfied with the party’s candidates. I long for a viable third party.David S. Samsel / Carson City, Nev.


You folks publish a truly great magazine. I’ve been a subscriber for over 20 years. I’d buy a lifetime subscription if you offered one, but I’m 84 and it’s too late now. Mike French / Cantonment, Fla.


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