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Troubling Trend

Feb. 15—Bill Whitfield/Evansville, Ind.

I was glad to see Emily Belz’s article on the rise of American anti-Semitism. Too many Christians refuse to speak against it despite the central role of Jews in the redemptive plan of God. The church in America needs to address this issue.

—Ginny Teague on Facebook

It’s telling that the more “progressive” New York gets, the worse this problem gets.

It’s a dog’s life

Feb. 15—Jennifer Plec/Trophy Club, Texas

No, do not have Greeley’s teeth cleaned at the vet. We love our pets Elsie and Inky dearly, but we have to balance their place in our lives and budget with the people and ministries we love.

—Donald F. Thompson/Bristol, Tenn.

$429? It’s just a dog! I know moms on Medicaid who struggle to find $10 to purchase over-the-counter ibuprofen for their kids.

John D. Cogan/Farmington, N.M.

Five years ago we almost put down Tinkerbelle, a gray tabby we rescued, because of gum disease. My wife, Karen, was heartbroken, so we spent $1,000 to pull out all of Tinkerbelle’s teeth. It was a good investment. I get a lot in return watching Karen on the couch at night with Tinkerbelle lying on her shoulder, purring.

Party politics, past and present

Feb. 15—W. Gary Hayward/Barre, Mass.

I laughed out loud at Michael Barone’s comment that there’s “strong evidence contrary to my belief” that there is no God and his honest summary of the evidence for the work of divine providence in American history. Thanks for an indispensable read.

Long time staying

Feb. 15—Katie Powner on wng.org

What a refreshing story. Ministering long term in a small town is a very challenging task. My husband and I are in our 15th year of youth ministry in a rural town. I love Richard Hornok’s final quote: “You can do this, and you can do this well all the way to the end.”

Machen’s miracles, Methodists’ morality

Feb. 15—Shelly Vivian on Facebook

I’m teaching the Modernist-Fundamentalist controversy to my ninth-grade class; nothing is new in Church history.

Unconventional ally

Feb. 15—Sandy Gustafson on Facebook

I am adding this brave woman to my hero list. She’s an unconventional leader doing good for the innocent unborn.

Finding life in a life sentence

Feb. 15—Allen Johnson on wng.org

David Berkowitz in jail is more free in his spirit than many people on the outside. His encouraging story of deliverance, sorrow, and repentance can perhaps quell those thirsty for the death penalty.

The fairer sex gets ugly

Feb. 15—Liz Jones on wng.org

The contradictions between what some feminists say and do are astonishing. Maybe some prostitutes love their jobs, but those I’ve met did not consider it a positive career choice; it was the outcome of years of abuse.

A cartoon for the entire family

Feb. 15—Christine Delmater on Facebook

We love Bluey. It’s adorable. Sometimes I’m more into it than my kids are.


Betty Friedan wrote the book The Feminine Mystique (“The right feminism,” March 14, p. 72).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

Troubling trend

Feb. 15—Amanda Smith

This just breaks my heart. How do we reach out, protect, and lift up the Jewish people?

It’s a dog’s life

Feb. 15—Jennifer R. Bean / Arlington, Tenn.

As a Christian and a veterinarian, I agree that buying human-grade dog food, special sweaters, and so on is not the best stewardship. But the Olaskys should have Greeley’s teeth cleaned. A healthy mouth contributes to overall health. Over time plaque, if unaddressed, can lead to disease and serious infections.

—Jill Clark / Whitehall, Mich.

I am in favor of preventive health care for pets, when possible, but if it’s not in the budget or seems excessive, then we draw the line. Most people’s pets today are sheltered and spoiled compared to previous generations. I would suggest a compromise for Greeley: a one-time cleaning for now, then stick to natural tooth care like the carrots and bones.

—Doug Irving / Holt, Mich.

Carrots. A thousand times, carrots. And maybe a Milk Bone or two.

—Kim Milhoan / Kihei, Hawaii

We frequently lament the love-for-animals culture overtaking America. A 20-year-old from Malawi is staying with us while attending college. He prayed before arriving that we would not have any inside pets. Coming from one of the poorest nations on the planet, where it was a treat if he ate meat twice a year, he truly does not understand how Americans treat their pets. That said, our pets brought me much joy.

—Amy Sandberg / Pottstown, Pa.

Don’t do it! Love your pets and take good care of them. But there are people in other countries who don’t have toothbrushes.

—Lorraine Fritch / Riverside, Calif.

If Greeley has a broken tooth or a mouth infection, by all means get treatment. Otherwise, give him carrots and save your money.

—Mary Margaret Sutton / Maitland, Fla.

For $10 the Olaskys can purchase Greeley a mammoth-sized bone he will enjoy for weeks, which would be a win-win. Certainly there are reasonable cases for veterinary dentistry, but teeth cleaning seems a bit extravagant.

Unconventional ally

Feb. 15—Luke Baldwin on Facebook

Terrisa Bukovinac does not seem to have abandoned natural law completely; she champions the single most important part in her fight against infanticide: that the baby has rights of its own.

—Jennifer Miller on wng.org

I’m always thankful and encouraged to read about courageous young people who stand up for their politically incorrect convictions.

—Mary Scott Smith on Facebook

Thank you for taking us beyond the labels and showing us Terrisa’s humanity.

Long time staying

Feb. 15—Terrell Yon on Facebook

This sort of long-term commitment to ministry is crucial. My pastor celebrated 40 years last April. God has rewarded his steadfastness with generation upon generation of solid believers and disciples of Jesus Christ.

A cartoon for the entire family

Feb. 15—Donald Balint on Facebook

Once the Torches-and-Pitchforks Mob gets wind of Bluey, they will protest that it’s “anti-LGBTQ+.” Disney will cave and make the program unwatchable. But one hopes not.

The fairer sex gets ugly

Feb. 15—Jeb Rice on wng.org

I’m so glad Andrée Seu Peterson went to the Women’s March in Philadelphia. We need to engage the culture, and that often means meeting people where they are, even if we totally disagree with where that is.

Finding life in a life sentence

Feb. 15—Preston Dey Harner on Facebook

So good. I’ve heard him interviewed before, and Berkowitz is a real-deal believer.

The Huns, the Herd, the Barbarians

Jan. 18—Selene Tucker / Washington, D.C.

I played rugby at Grove City College in the first couple years it had a women’s club team, and I’ve been a passionate advocate for the sport ever since. I had a blast and earned some fantastic bruises. And it’s true that having no padding teaches you how to use your whole body more safely and effectively than football.


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