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2½ provocative books on abortion

May 23—Christy Davis Nordstrom on Facebook

Understanding the perspectives of people you disagree with, and putting a face on them, allows for more compassion. This was a heartbreaking read.

Rexann Bassler on wng.org

The terrified women of In Necessity and Sorrow, sitting in an abortion center “like lost souls before the final judgment,” reminded me of women I have counseled in post-abortion Bible studies. They told of sitting in abortion facility waiting rooms while screaming on the inside. Some said if only one person had said something to them, they would have walked out. We must continue the fight.

COVID-19: A timeline

May 23—Marianne Miller on wng.org

I appreciate how this timeline holds responsible the Chinese Communist Party and its supporters in the WHO. We are grateful to Chinese citizens, physicians, and others who tried to warn the world despite personal consequences.

MaryJo Dawson/Trinidad, Colo.

We have only a few documented cases of coronavirus in our county but are under the same restrictions as the rest of the state. Why do we have to abide by rules that make no sense, are costly to small businesses, and keep us from worshipping together?

Duncan Holmes/Fredericksburg, Texas

I’m blind and can deal with a mask. But as a recent widower after a 43-year marriage, social distancing is very lonely. We blind folks rely on touch, and I hear the age of hugging, shaking hands, and using shoulders as crying posts is over. I hope not.

Are we decadent?

May 23—Fred Kerr/West Columbia, S.C.

I live in another world than Ross Douthat’s “decadent prosperity.” The rich and powerful have perks, but is this new? This affluence is quite checkered in my view, and the many, many low-wage earners living hand-to-mouth saddens me.

The problem with scorpions

May 23—Brad O'Brien on wng.org

Presidents from Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush campaigned to have Congress give China “Most Favored Nation” trade status. It didn’t quite work out as well as they hoped. And as the U.S. has stepped back from funding the UN, the Chinese have stepped up to influence UN agencies.

Stalling tactics

May 23—Sheryl Nelson on Facebook

Refugee camps already have poor nutrition and sanitation. Adding fear, depression, and desperation further compromises people’s immune systems, leaving otherwise healthy people vulnerable to COVID-19.

Leaving their marks

May 23—Larry Barnes/Smithfield, N.C.

I enjoyed your article on Bill Withers. Every time I hear “Lean On Me,” it takes me back to 1972, driving to my first job out of college. Now I’m retired, and I wonder how nearly 50 years went by so fast.

Save the hummingbirds

May 23—Erin Davis Rowe on Facebook

I love my beautiful ruby-throated hummers but, wow, they are territorial. It’s like Ultimate Cage Fighting around the feeder. Maybe I should put out another one.


Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of a bus in Montgomery, Ala. (“Both sides, now,” June 27, p. 50).

A photo for the television review “Superhero or super-stereotypes?” (June 27, p. 27) depicted a previous film with the same name, not the CW series.

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

Trauma surgery and soul surgery

May 23—Suzy Coffman on Facebook

What an amazing testimony of how God works in our lives. Blessings to Dr. Blee and his staff.

Christina Joy Gilley on Facebook

Thank you for sharing stories that we would never hear about elsewhere, and certainly not without your knowledgeable reporting about the influence of our faith.

The comfort of the familiar

May 9—David Neal/Fort Atkinson, Wis.

What an essential book you gave to WORLD’s subscribers, Coronavirus and Christ. The last paragraph sums it up: “God has his work to do—much of it secret. We have ours. If we trust him and obey his word, he will cause his sovereignty and our service to accomplish his wise and good purposes.”

Ravi Zacharias dies at 74

May 19—Eleanore Warner on Facebook

Thank the Lord for the gift of Brother Zacharias. His kindness to those around him is an example to us all.

Barbara Ann Warner on Facebook

My heart is heavy at this news. I have been blessed for 30 years by Ravi’s faithful teaching and preaching. His humility, love for people, and his incredible intellect displayed his love for God and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Margaret Collins on Facebook

It was a blessing to watch his ministry grow over the years. He wanted to be remembered as “a friend of Christ.” He was that and so much more.

The coronavirus data debate

May 18—Pete Carter on Facebook

The suggestion that the U.S. should mimic Sweden’s approach to COVID-19 is an interesting idea. But Sweden is a small country, and the U.S. is 50 states making their own decisions. It’s not one-size-fits-all. The feds underreacted and some states have overreacted—that’s how things happen here.

Lockdown showdowns are brewing in California

May 23—Phoebe O'Neil on Facebook

I live in central California and the decisions have been ludicrous, given the trickle of COVID-19 cases compared to the economic and social disaster domestically. But that’s only the start. I’m heartbroken thinking of the deaths from famine, lost aid, and food shortages that poorer nations face.

Darci Gamble on Facebook

Work and fellowship were parts of God’s unfallen, created world. When you take those things away, the results are disastrous. When you forcibly remove them, it produces an ugly long-term result.

Pat Wolff on Facebook

There is no reason for the draconian behavior of these politicians. Let the people work!

Shannon-Mark Burgdorf on Facebook

I protested in Nashville, and it was invigorating to be among like-minded men, women, and children. Imagine if 10 million California residents had stood against Gavin Newsom.

Pro-life critics say documentary's Jane Roe bombshell is a dud

May 13—Heather Thieneman on wng.org

This documentary doesn’t look like a dud to me. This article quotes pro-life leaders who say it’s “impossible” McCovey was playing a part. But only McCovey could know whether that’s true, and the people now defending her have everything to gain by doing so. We can’t ignore the allegation because it makes us look bad.

Sonya Vaughn on Facebook

Norma McCovey says she was lying then but she’s not lying now. How does one trust that she is telling the truth this time?

Neil Evans on wng.org

Opposition to abortion should not be grounded in who is for or against it. Killing babies is wrong because God says it is, no matter who or how many oppose or support it.

Jason Maas on wng.org

It wouldn't be the only time that someone made mistakes putting a former pro-abortion person into the pro-life spotlight. In 2000 WORLD reported on how former abortionist Eric Craig Harrah renounced Christianity after a few years.

Samaritan's Purse cleared both familiar and unique hurdles in New York

May 13—Jennifer Holden Martin on Facebook

Praise God for the example of Samaritan’s Purse. What a beautiful picture of sacrificial Christian love in the face of strong opposition.

Innovation over irritation

May 9—Heidi Schiebe/Moscow, Idaho

I mostly agree with “choosing innovation over irritation.” But when citizens believe the government is abrogating our constitutional rights, and when new information shows the “emergency” isn’t what it was purported to be, then it is our right and duty to protest.

COVID-19: A timeline

May 23—Dan Taylor/Belleville, Mich.

Thank you for your faithful and diligent reporting in this crisis, and for avoiding clickbait headlines and inflammatory language.

2½ provocative books on abortion

May 23—Lyn F. Miller/Brighton, Ill.

After reading this article I felt sick. It’s a human being! The arguments for abortion are so weak.


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