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Kirstie Skogerboe

Subscriber & Podcast Listener

Tortillerías, spiraled bars on the windows, maimed crickets in the corners of our living room (courtesy of our cocker spaniel), and WORLD magazine on our Mexican coffee table – these are among the most prominent fixtures of my childhood. Mom and Dad read WORLD faithfully, even when the international post delivered two-month-old issues. And I remember our glee when Dad brought home God’s World for me and my sisters. It wasn’t until much later that I recognized the uniqueness of my parents’ preferred news source. As American missionaries, they found in WORLD what they missed elsewhere: an honest, exhorting, hopeful view of the country they had left and the world they wanted to understand. “Biblical” wasn’t just a tagline or an indicator of political alliance. It meant that our family could recognize the pursuit of Christ in the words on WORLD’s pages. WORLD now aids my own pursuit of Jesus. I have yet to find any other publication that binds truth and compassion with such grace, nor one that so clearly embodies humility and conviction. My husband and I thank God to have that kind of intellectual and spiritual guidance early on in our marriage and lives.

Jane Bentley

Former Subscriber

As a 30-something homeschooling mom, I was frustrated. Life was busy. I was finite. I was wishing for a way to keep abreast of what was going on in the world without having to wade through all the stuff a world without God insisted I waste my time on. I wanted help to learn to think more Christianly about the issues of the day. I wanted a source I could trust. As I was ranting about this to a friend, she got a funny little smile on her face, went to the back room and brought out a newspaper. "Try this," she said. And World Magazine became a member of the family.


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