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Lisa Yost

Subscriber & Podcast Listener

I first remember reading the magazine in the 90’s when visiting my folks’ house. (A gift to them from friends.) My husband and I would catch up on the news …even if that news was sometimes months old. I didn’t know then just how much I’d enjoy and depend on World for years ahead to get the straight scoop. My husband very often hears me say “Today I read [heard] on World..” I go through bouts of insomnia. Those quiet night time hours became times I could read articles when I couldn’t find during my busy day. I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate World’s commitment to honest journalism while maintaining a Christian world view. Not only did I read the news, it would prompt me to pray. I was a huge NPR fan from the time I was a young child. I loved the eclectic mash up of stories, shows, and thought provoking news. World gives me that same enjoyment. (Sadly, I just can’t bear NPR these days. Thank you for being there to take up that slack.)

Joni Halpin

Subscriber since the mid-90s

Because I've been a regular reader of and listener to news for many years, it's been so refreshing to hear a different angle in your reporting than I'd get in a newspaper or on TV. You tell me how Christians are involved behind the scenes and how God may be using a certain event/disaster/war in people's lives. I won't get that perspective anywhere else, and it often keeps me from despairing over the bad news out there.


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