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Joel Stoddert


I’m a charter member, having subscribed since Presbyterian Journal days. World has been, hands down, the most balanced & trustworthy news source I depend on. I remember when World was in a newspaper format, and for years, a weekly. I also remember World’s long battle with the USPS, & still get the occasional issue very late! I remember the magazine’s issues with the TNIV, Trump & other controversial topics, & being very impressed with their decision to have a Daniel of the Year (Joel Belz is a wonderful choice, btw. Congrats, sir) and the magazine’s highlighting of effective compassion ministries.

Rick Sawyer

Longtime friend

Hi, my name is Rick Sawyer, long time friend of Joel and Carol. My home church, 1st Pres Weaverville was "home" of the Presbyterian Journal and I remember when Joel took the reins of that publication. In 1980, I sat at their dining room table, listening to Joel cast vision for a "Christian Weekly Reader" which became It's God's World. Later, we talked about a Christian version of "Time" magazine! As I was preparing for missionary service in the summer of 1987, he shared with me at church that "we were in trouble" and he asked me to reach out to the 4,000 + subscribers of IGW to encourage them to "re-up". He handed me piles of contacts, a "Watts line" number and off I went. Jamie describes well in detail in her article what the situation was. I was just praying the calls would have an impact, hoping to at least "save" the kid's magazines! The Lord had His way!


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