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The Chinese Communist Party’s violent legacy

The Chinese Communist Party’s violent legacy

A century of authoritarian politics has left a bloody history, and the atrocities continue

Only 20 percent of the world’s population is “free”

Afghanistan’s Christians prepare for Taliban resurgence as U.S. troops leave the country

The latest fighting in Gaza provided the first test of Israel’s new peace treaties with Arab countries


Progressives in the party are trying to undercut traditional support for the Jewish state

Despite ongoing U.S. aid efforts, conditions in Central America aren’t getting any better

Plus: The Taliban gains ground in Afghanistan, Suu Kyi appears in court, and remembering a rice pioneer

Anti-coup protesters in Myanmar prepare to fight the military
as battles wage in ethnic areas and the country teeters toward economic collapse

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas gained nothing

Moscow warns the rest of the world to stay out of its way in the Arctic