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Playing ball in Austin

Playing ball in Austin

An Austin baseball program provides gospel-centered mentorship, fun, and hope for kids in the inner city
The pandemic builds momentum for lifting the wage floor
A lack of planning and cooperation made a mess of zero tolerance

This episode of Effective Compassion is part two of our dive into addiction and substance abuse: The cauldron of stewing ingredients that leads to it, and the intense, drastic life-renewal strategies that help vanquish it.

Prison reform advocates celebrate the change
Lisa Montgomery committed—and was the victim of—heinous crime
Scholars suggest changes to make sure money goes where it’s needed most

This episode of Effective Compassion is all about addiction. The patterns and choices and life circumstances that lead to it...and the patterns, choices, life circumstances, hard work, prayer, grit, sweat, time, and love that can help break its grip.

Some question the wisdom of the change as civil unrest escalates
States debate the ethics of giving inmates COVID-19 immunizations before others