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Motherless or fatherless, on purpose

Motherless or fatherless, on purpose

Joseph Backholm | Adam Schiff’s “infertility” bill focuses on adult desires at the expense of children

The Horn of Africa region faces a fifth failed rainy season

Ericka Andersen | Progressives construct a narrative that denies women a powerful God-given reality

A story of God’s faithfulness during the pandemic


Country music artist Steven Cade is using his talents to be a witness in homeless shelters around the country

Online scammers send victims to Cambodia and Myanmar

TRENDING | Country singer Steven Cade’s concerts for the homeless bring music—and dignity—to a forgotten group

Residents struggle to unify as a new school year starts

Erik Reed | Government money is an unworthy substitute for marriages and fathers

Craig A. Carter | World’s largest pediatric gender clinic shuts down