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King of Morocco paid $12 million for Clinton visit

King of Morocco paid $12 million for Clinton visit

Emails released by WikiLeaks show presidential nominee caught in pay-to-play controversy on eve of campaign kickoff
Sting footage shows Clinton supporters discussing voter fraud and hired protesters
Despite cringe-inducing comments, strategists say emails won’t influence the election
New documents show the State Department discussed a ‘quid pro quo’ with the FBI

The leaked documents show communication between Clinton camp and DOJ about email server litigation
Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate puts politics over faith
Vice presidential candidates show seriousness and depth Clinton and Trump failed to deliver in their debate
It depends on the Democratic nominee’s definition of ‘homophobic’
Clinton’s running mate pays no heed to history in views on sexuality
The changing story surrounding Hillary Clinton’s health is just the latest example of the Clintons hiding the truth from the public