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Ukrainians claim progress in counteroffensive

The Ukrainian frontline. Associated Press/Libkos

Ukrainians claim progress in counteroffensive

Videos showed Ukrainian soldiers on Monday hoisting their flag above Storozheve, which officials said was the fourth recaptured village. Ukrainian officials say they’ve been taking the villages back in the southeast since they started their counteroffensive last week. Most Ukrainian actions have not been publicized, but Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Saturday that “counteroffensive, defensive actions are taking place.” Russia’s defense ministry said it has largely held its ground. 

Is there still flooding from the burst dam? Ukrainian authorities say flood waters from a burst dam last week are starting to recede, but more than 32 towns remain flooded. Thousands of people have been evacuated. Access to fresh drinking water and the risk of waterborne illness are current concerns, the United Nations said. Ukraine and Russia have accused each other of blowing up the dam. 

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Mary Muncy

Mary Muncy is a breaking news reporter for WORLD. She graduated from World Journalism Institute and Patrick Henry College.

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