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U.S. COVID-19 hospitalizations rise

A nurse steps out of a COVID-19 patient’s isolation room at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, N.H., on Monday. Associated Press/Photo by Steven Senne

U.S. COVID-19 hospitalizations rise

Airlines continued to cancel more than 1,300 flights nationwide on Thursday due to workers calling in sick with the coronavirus. The shortages track with surges of COVID-19 hospitalizations this week. The average number of confirmed coronavirus hospitalizations per day in the United States was 95,250 for the past seven days, up more than 27,000 from the prior seven days, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The highest hospitalization rates have been in the South and the Midwest, the Department of Health and Human Services reported.

Are kids getting sick? Children were hospitalized in record numbers for the second week in a row. More than 3,100 children were hospitalized with confirmed COVID-19 on Wednesday alone, with another 1,300 patients suspected to have the virus. The CDC endorsed Pfizer’s booster shot for children ages 12 through 15 on Wednesday, making 5 million young teenagers eligible for a booster shot immediately.

Dig deeper: Read my report in The Sift about how to interpret infection statistics.

Carolina Lumetta

Carolina is a reporter for WORLD Digital. She is a World Journalism Institute and Wheaton College graduate. She resides in Harrisburg, Pa.



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"Fifth, if the vaccine is so great, why are there far more COVID-19 deaths in 2021 with the vaccine than there were in 2020 -- without it?"
Libs would says it's the fault of the unvaxed. Logic would say, "BUZZER SOUND". Wrong answer.


"Third, some studies show that the COVID-19 vaccine damages the immune system, thereby making it more likely that the vaccinated will get sick with each successive variant."


We know someone whose ARM SWELLED up from a BOOSTER SHOT. She was in such pain. She needs an operation, but told her husband that she would rather not have that operation than go thru that again.


PEOPLE who go to websites and QUOTE the CDC who has lost ALL CREDIBILITY a LONG TIME AGO, should find someone else to quote.
As soon as I see the CDC being quoted, I don't read any further.
Remember, early on FAUCI was out and about with friends without a mask while telling the pres. that masks should be mandated. AOC seen in FLA without a mask while NYC wears masks. LEMON (CNN) seen in FLA without a mask.


GOV'T continues to lie.
First of all, the healthcare workers have seen first hand what is happening to people, those vaxed and those with COVID. If the healthcare workers will jeopardize their jobs by refusing to get vaxed, then that says something.
Second, people who worship Fauci after he has lied time and again, that is just CREEPY.
Leaders who tell the LITTLE PEOPLE that they should wear masks and not meet in crowds and then do the opposite, should be REMOVED.

My Two Cents

Here we go again. First we are told the Omicron variant produces less severe symptoms, and doesn’t seem to attack the lungs as much as earlier variants. If symptoms are milder, then why are hospitalizations increasing? The primary reasons for getting vaxed and boosted, we are told, is to prevent severe symptoms, hospitalizations and death. Yet, I (vaccinated) got covid from a vaccinated family member. While we were not traveling, not attending Christmas parties, and not hanging out in close proximity to others. In other words, following all of the cotton picking rules. In our county, 25% of all positive cases this past week were vaccinated individuals. 20% of covid related hospitalizations are vaccinated.

My sister’s family in a distant state from mine, has a positive member with moderate symptoms. They are getting the monoclonal infusion treatment tomorrow, because I told her about it. She had to make several phone calls in order to find out about it. Another family member with a sore throat tested positive for Omicron. The first member was not told which variant, but their taste is off, so we can assume it is Delta. My sister so far does not display symptoms, but as she is a close contact twice, she tried to get a test to go back to work, as recommended by the CDC, the health department, and all the written guidelines. In an ironic conundrum, she cannot get a test anywhere because she does not have symptoms. They are quarantined together in their one bathroom house, until whatever time their quarantine is over, which has not been spelled out for them from their county health department. My sister thinks she would be safer alone in her office at work, than in their 900 sq ft home with two infected people 24 hours a day. I told her they are determined by their guidance to infect as many people as possible!

As for the children, if they go to the uospital for a broken bone, and test positive, do they not set the bone? A friend had to delay cancer treatments due to exposure. Huh? It would appear a hospital is the safest place for them. Instead, treatment is delayed based on the whims of a covid test, which may or may not be accurate. While my sister’s family member awaited their rapid test result, they were denied use of the bathroom, since they didn’t know the test results. When the result came in positive, they couldn’t use the bathroom then because…….ta da….. they were positive. Going into a single use bathroom facility, fully masked, in a medical clinic, is strictly prohibited due to the possibility of covid infection.

The world has simply gone mad.

not silentMy Two Cents

Wow, what a frustrating situation! Thanks for sharing it, and I’m truly sorry your family is going through something like that. I wish I had better answers for you; but, frankly, I don’t think anyone has them. This is something none of us has dealt with in the past, and it’s constantly changing.

Will keep you and your family in prayer, along with others who are also dealing with this. Blessings, NS

My Two Centsnot silent

Thank you, NS, for your prayers. My sister just messaged me that the infusion did not happen because the family member is “too far” into covid and it would probably make him sicker. They gave him some meds, but I think the same thing would apply there, right? I wish I knew what treatment they use. And why they wait until it is too late to prescribe something.

not silentMy Two Cents

Yikes, I’m so sorry! Definitely sending up prayers!

NanamiroMy Two Cents

Yes, there has been a strange lack of information given to us about early treatment. You really have to do your homework to have any idea.

NanamiroMy Two Cents

I so agree. We are running in circles, trying to follow endless, arbitrary rules, and there's no end to it. Leaders don't want to admit they were wrong and many average Joes have been led to such levels of fear and distrust of their own common sense, that we are in a real quandary.


BIDEN MINIONS hard at work:
Justice Breyer says that there were "750 million new covid cases yesterday"
There are 330 million people who live in America which means everyone apparently got covid twice in the last 24 hours.
"100,000 children in serious condition," per Sotomayor. Where do these people obtain their misinformation? The current national pediatric COVID census per HHS is 3,342. Many/most incidental.

not silentnews2me

According to roll call.com:

“Justice Stephen G. Breyer repeatedly brought up the latest statistics on COVID-19 cases — he said nearly 750,000 cases every day — amid questions about how quickly the justices should act and how much courts should step in on public health matters.”

I thought it might be helpful to provide the quote because it’s possible someone in another source misread the numbers and/or misquoted Justice Breyer.

news2menot silent

Did you personally hear him say that?

not silentnews2me

No, News2Me, I wasn’t physically present when the Supreme Court was having the discussion (that was why I provided a reference for the quote). I suppose anyone could have misheard and/or misquoted Justice Breyer. If I may ask, why is this particular quote so important to you (since you don’t seem to consider Justice Breyer a credible source anyway)?


First the medical people were hailed as heroes.
Now they are scorned because they aren't getting vaxed.
The people most likely to have and spread COVID are vaxed people.
Then there are the boostered people who can spread the diseases that are mutating.
You can't vax everyone in the world.
BIDEN is ok with people coming to the US without being vaxed.
But let's not worry about them. They are our guests, even from Africa and many other countries that are carrying other diseases that many Americans are not immune to anymore.


Please be more accurate in your reporting. Even according to Dr. Fauci cases in children are being over-counted. A quote:
"The other important thing is that if you look at the children are hospitalized many of them are hospitalized with COVID as opposed to because of COVID," Fauci added.

"What we mean by that is that if a child goes in the hospital they automatically get tested for COVID and they get counted as a COVID hospitalized individual, when in fact they may go in for a broken leg or appendicitis or something like that.

"So it's over counting the number of children who are 'hospitalized' with COVID as opposed to because of COVID."

not silentGlong

I am grateful that Dr. Fauci wants us to have the most accurate information. There may be overcounting in the sense that not all the children who are included were hospitalized because of complications due to COVID, but I have not heard that anyone is falsifying data (i.e., reporting that people have COVID when they don't). A child can't "infect" others with appendicitis or a broken leg, but they CAN infect others with COVID. Thus, even if a child (or adult) was not hospitalized BECAUSE OF COVID-and even if they are not symptomatic or seriously ill DUE to COVID-it's crucial to know if they are infected so they don't spread the illness to caregivers or other patients who may be at risk for serious illness. It is part of the job of the CDC to track cases of infectious illness, so they HAVE to have info about numbers of cases.

news2menot silent

Dr. Fauci should be removed.

Glongnot silent

Of course children WITH positive COVID tests should be identified. What’s important is that a large number with positive tests (per Dr. Fauci) are not hospitalized because of/for treatment of COVID.

not silentGlong

I agree that the difference matters, particularly since people on various sides are manipulating stats for political gain. And I give Dr. Fauci credit for acknowledging it.

Nanamironot silent

Yes, manipulating the stats of children "hospitalized" with Covid certainly helps drive fear in the hearts of parents and fuels the politician's support to get everyone vaxxed, masked and boosted. I was shocked when Fauci admitted this was happening.

DWES4537not silent

Dr Fauci has been against early treatment from the beginning and should be removed at least and put on trial at most. Read book out By Drs. Fareed and Tyson.


That is true for adults as well. In my state, their own data shows that about 41% of the people who died "from" Covid had zero Covid symptoms. I have to assume that means they tested positive while at the hospital, died, and were counted as a Covid death. Same with hospitalizations.


Are these children hospitalized FROM Covid, or were they hospitalized for something else and tested positive while there? Very important distinction.
Maybe hospitals need to hire back some staff they fired.
We might want to finally consider early, outpatient treatment of Covid...? Just a thought.

not silentNanamiro

Per hhs.gov:

The following treatments have been authorized for emergency use by the FDA for patients who are not in the hospital and with mild to moderate cases of COVID-19. The FDA has determined that the known and potential benefits of these treatments for patients not in the hospital are greater than the treatments' known and potential risks.

Monoclonal antibody (mAb) treatments: The FDA has issued Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for four investigational mAb treatments that can attach to SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. These antibodies could help your immune system recognize and respond more effectively to the virus.

Three of these treatments have been authorized for patients with mild to moderate cases. This includes those who have had symptoms for 10 days or less, who are 12 years of age and older, and who are at high risk for progressing to serious COVID-19 and are not in the hospital. It also includes people who are 65 years or older and people who have certain chronic medical conditions. People who are at high risk for serious COVID-19 and have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 may be eligible for mAb prophylactic treatment. You do not have to test positive or have symptoms to be able to get mAb prophylactic treatment. Learn more about antibody treatments with: bamlanivimab and etesevimab, casirivimab and imdevimab (REGEN-COV), and sotrovimab."

Nanamironot silent

Monoclonal antibodies have been available for over a year. They are around 80% effective at preventing hospitalization and death. Why have so many died over the last year? Because our leaders have not promoted them. They have promoted wearing cloth masks, getting vaccinated, staying away from other humans, and isolating at home while sick, until you are dying, then going to the emergency room.
Monoclonal antibodies are for statistically high risk people only.
Here is the advice for everyone else-

From the CDC link to "What to do if you are sick":

"What to Do If You Are Sick"
"Stay home except to get medical care [good luck finding a doctor who will help you with your Covid-19. Mine refuses, as do most]
Stay home. Most people with COVID-19 have mild illness and can recover at home without medical care. Do not leave your home, except to get medical care. Do not visit public areas.
Take care of yourself. Get rest and stay hydrated. Take over-the-counter medicines, such as acetaminophen, to help you feel better.
Stay in touch with your doctor. Call before you get medical care. Be sure to get care if you have trouble breathing, or have any other emergency warning signs, or if you think it is an emergency.[ie your illness is so advanced you might die]
Avoid public transportation, ride-sharing, or taxis."

"When to seek emergency medical attention"
"Look for emergency warning signs* for COVID-19. If someone is showing any of these signs, seek emergency medical care immediately:

Trouble breathing
Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
New confusion
Inability to wake or stay awake
Pale, gray, or blue-colored skin, lips, or nail beds, depending on skin tone
*This list is not all possible symptoms. Please call your medical provider for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning to you.

Call 911 or call ahead to your local emergency facility: Notify the operator that you are seeking care for someone who has or may have COVID-19"

Doctors around the world (and even in the US, if you can find them) are treating their patients who get Covid-19. Not just with expensive, investigational drugs, but with drugs and supplements we already had, that just about anyone can take and are cheap. Our leaders in the West are against us being treated for Covid until our condition is critical. Why? We can only conjecture.

not silentNanamiro

From the CDC website under “Therapeutic Options”:

“Early effective treatment of any disease can help avert progression to more serious illness, especially for patients at high risk of disease progression and severe illness, with the additional benefit of reducing the burden on healthcare systems. A number of novel therapeutics (e.g., monoclonal antibodies) are available under EUA for early outpatient treatment. Trials to assess the potential effectiveness of these therapeutics in outpatients at high risk of disease progression are ongoing. Clinicians and patients who wish to consider their use, or the use of any other available investigational therapies, should review the COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines as well as the FDA EUA for the therapy. Health system administrators should be aware that a number of these agents are intended for outpatient intravenous infusion and be prepared to provide such care in a location and manner in which patients with COVID-19 can be safely managed.”

Nanamironot silent

Yes, there is one, expensive, limited option the CDC recommends, if you look for it. They, Fauci and most medical organizations and boards are heavily discouraging doctors from helping people who get Covid. Ask your doctor. Try to find a doctor who will treat you for Covid. They are being threatened by their medical boards (not to mention the media/government messaging) to not treat their Covid patients.
If we had even given monoclonal antibodies to the hundreds of thousands of high risk patients who got Covid over the last year, we would have had likely less than half the deaths. We didn't. Why? They were available. You clearly either haven't thought about this or have no answer. I can only speculate why they have so discouraged doctors in the West from treating people for Covid in any way, until they are dying.

not silentNanamiro

Nanamiro, I don’t know where you are getting your info. I have family members and friends who are doctors and other medical providers in various states and locations, and NONE of them are being discouraged from treating COVID patients. They are personally discouraged because of having patients who died, though they did everything they could to save them.

Nanamironot silent

What did they do? I would love to know what kind of treatment they gave.
My friend had a doctor (ND)write a prescription for her to treat Covid and she couldn't get it filled at a pharmacy, anywhere. They were all "out". My doctor states on the front page of her website that she doesn't treat Covid-19, except according to FDA approved treatment-which means no treatment, or go to the hospital. My mom's doctor, less than a year ago said he would not treat her for Covid, but said she should just go to the ER if she can't breathe.
Maybe where you live it is different?

not silentNanamiro

I’m truly sorry about your mom and your friend. I didn’t give my friends and family the third degree about what they did because: I trust them-they are are caring and intelligent professionals who know more about their jobs than I do.

Nanamironot silent

I have no doubt they are.
Yet, you seem insistent that early treatment is happening and being promoted by the CDC and health authorities around the country, but you have no evidence of this. This is a serious lapse on the part of our leaders in handling this pandemic. And I still can't figure out why the lapse exists. We rushed the vaccines. Why not rush early treatment protocols? Even if the aren't 100% effective?
I know we just see this whole thing very differently. In the end, I hope you stay well and that the Lord brings us all through this crazy time, united.

not silentNanamiro

Nanamiro, I'm responding here because all the replies get hard to read on my phone. First of all, I think I get your frustration about vaccines being promoted based on an FDA emergency authorization but what appears to be more caution about monoclonal antibodies. Considering that your friend and your mom went through COVID and had difficulty accessing ANY treatment, I can understand your concern and dismay.

I guess I misunderstood you-I thought you were saying or implying that doctors were deliberately not treating patients, and I know that is not true (as I said). For what it's worth, I think doctors also get extremely frustrated about government bureaucracy. I also think most doctors are doing the best they can.

I also didn't mean to communicate that I believe ALL doctors have ALWAYS had access to and/or willingness to use ALL forms of early treatment. You have experience with cases where they didn't, and I'm sorry. I think you must realize it's probably not out of malice or a lack of care from most doctors. It's also true the CDC has changed its guidance repeatedly, and that is frustrating. I wish there were a better way, but that's how science and medicine work.

Unfortunately, the medical system was already overloaded before COVID; and it's much worse now. It is getting harder and harder for medical providers to meet the expectations the public has for modern medicine: such as full access to good care at all times, for all doctors to have complete knowledge of all illnesses and treatments, and for all outcomes to be good. Some of the expectations were set by the medical field itself, but no one could live up to those expectations in the best of times. They certainly can't now.

I am not a doctor, but I am a medical provider. My field has a practice act; and I MUST abide by it and its regulations, or I could lose my license. Doctors are bound by similar rules. The rules aren't always "right," but they are intended to protect patients and doctors. Not every doctor is willing to risk losing his or her license by breaking them.

Thanks for clarifying your position and for your well wishes despite our disagreement about certain specifics. Blessings to you also, and I will join you in praying we get through this and any future craziness by God's grace.

DWES4537not silent

Read the recent book by Drs Fareed and Tyson. I live in there area so I am biased but I know many people they have treated, some coming back from the brink. I saw first hand their story play out. Also read the book out by Kennedy. Don’t agree with everything he says but it is extremely well footnoted.