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U.S. Homeland Security recruits humans to newly-formed AI Corps

The Homeland Security Secretary announced some-high profile recruiting. Associated Press/Photo by Nathan Howard

U.S. Homeland Security recruits humans to newly-formed AI Corps

Homeland Security officials announced on Tuesday the first 10 of 50 artificial intelligence experts it plans to hire to what it called the AI Corps. The recruits will use AI for cybersecurity and infrastructure and against fentanyl trafficking and online child sexual exploitation, among other things, the DHS said.

Who are the new recruits? Former White House official Michael Boyce was announced as the first director of the AI Corps. Boyce helped write a section on the federal use of AI in an executive order from President Joe Biden. The six male and four female recruits named by the DHS include former software engineers, data scientists, product managers, and other workers from the public and private sectors, according to a news release. Two of the hires previously worked for Google.

What are other countries doing about AI? A 2021 estimate said the Chinese military was spending about $1.6 billion per year on AI-related systems and equipment. The Russian government is developing state-funded AI training, the Center for a New American Security reported. The European Commission announced in January its AI Office and support for AI startups.

Elizabeth Moeller

Elizabeth Moeller is a breaking news intern for WORLD and a graduate of the World Journalism Institute.

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