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Thousands more autoworkers join strike at GM and Stellantis

United Auto Workers striking outside a Stellantis factory in Toledo, Ohio The Blade via the Associated Press/Photo by Rebecca Benson

Thousands more autoworkers join strike at GM and Stellantis

United Auto Workers union workers at all General Motors and Stellantis parts distribution centers walked out Friday at noon after more failed contract negotiations. The expanded strike includes 5,600 more employees from 38 locations across 20 states. President Shawn Fain said the two companies needed to “come to their senses” and make a serious offer or UAW will continue expanding its strike. GM accused UAW leaders of “manipulating the bargaining process” for the leaders’ own motives. The strike began on Sept. 14 with 13,000 workers at three manufacturers.

Why isn’t Ford included in the expanded strike? Fain said negotiations with Ford have progressed so that no more workers for the manufacturer will join the strike. However, the workers striking the Ford plant in southeast Michigan will remain. Fain said Ford negotiations are “not there yet,” but leaders have made concessions, such as reinstating cost of living wage increases. Ford leaders said in a statement Friday that they are “working diligently” with negotiators.

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