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Russia launches record number of drones into Ukraine

Firefighters at burning building after a Russian drone attack in the Lviv region on Monday Ukrainian Emergency Service/Handout

Russia launches record number of drones into Ukraine

Early on Monday morning, Russia sent 90 Shahed-type drones into Ukraine as Russian leader Vladimir Putin said Moscow planned to intensify its attacks. The drones were in retaliation for Saturday’s bombing of Belgorod, a Russian border city. The weekend attack killed over two dozen and injured at least 100 more.

How are the countries’ leaders handling the conflict? Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy released a 20-minute video on Sunday addressing the country’s war efforts. He said Ukraine was “growing stronger in overcoming serious difficulties” over the past year. Zelenskyy mentioned little about the current state of the war or the limited success of Ukraine’s summer counteroffensive. Meanwhile, Putin met with wounded Russian servicemen Monday morning, describing Belgorod’s bombing as a terrorist attack. Putin vowed retribution but insisted that Russia would only target military infrastructure in Ukraine. He said that Moscow hoped to end the conflict quickly on its own terms.

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Tobin Jacobson

Tobin Jacobson is a student at Patrick Henry College and the World Journalism Institute.

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