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Protesters take to streets in Cuba

Cubans protest in front of the Capitol. Associated Press/Photo by Ramon Espinosa

Protesters take to streets in Cuba

Thousands of Cubans chanted “Freedom,” “Unite,” and  “Enough” as they marched through the streets of Havana in protest against the country’s Communist dictatorship. Cubans stood on their balconies and cheered as protesters marched toward the city’s Malecon promenade. The government shut down internet service to keep people from broadcasting the march with their cellphones.

What prompted the march? The protests came amid a food shortage in the island nation. “We are fed up with the queues, the shortages. That’s why I’m here,” one protester said. Authorities arrested at least 20 of the marchers, according to The Associated Press. “The people came out to express themselves freely, and they are repressing and beating them,” said Rev. Jorge Luis Gil, a Roman Catholic priest.

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Timothy Lamer

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