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Pentagon wants to mandate vaccines for troops

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Associated Press/Photo by Kevin Wolf

Pentagon wants to mandate vaccines for troops

At least 1 million members of the U.S. military have already been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. On Monday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin released a memo outlining a plan to require the rest to get the shot starting no later than Sept. 15. There are roughly 2 million active duty, National Guard, and Reserve troops. While the Navy reported nearly 74 percent of all active duty and reserve sailors have received at least one shot, the Army hovers at about 50 percent.

Does everyone have to comply? The Pentagon plans to add the coronavirus vaccine to a list of required shots, including measles and chickenpox. The list allows religious and health exemptions or postponements. Those who refuse to get vaccinated without an exemption could be punished under the Uniform Code of Military Justice for refusing to obey an order. Until the vaccine mandate goes into effect, Austin said the military is abiding by President Joe Biden’s instructions to place additional restrictions on unvaccinated federal employees. Those include wearing masks, social distancing, and limiting travel.

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Carolina Lumetta

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My Two Cents

Back when the vaccines were granted EUA, I assumed (silly me) that the military would be one of the groups they would vaccinate, along with medical workers, first responders, long term care facilities, prisons, people who work with the public, etc. Instead, I was shocked to observe rampant public pressure to vaccinate everyone! All Americans! As soon as you are eligible, get the shot!!! What happened to the "emergency use?" When I was in the military, I reported and rolled up my sleeve whenever they said to. Half the time there was more that one shot. Half the time I wasn't sure what exactly I was getting. With Covid, it was not required. Why not? Because it wasn't fully approved. Since historically, active duty military are not much more than guinea pigs for social experiments, or other urgency or crisis, why wouldn't they be obligated to get the shot first? The FDA would have plenty of data to study and issue full approval prior to administering the vaccine to the general population. Why didn't Biden just ORDER the FDA to approve it, and bypass data collection protocol? That is no more dangerous than just distributing un-approved vaccines to the general public.


Tim Miller ~ Where did you get your information that there have only been 3 covid vaccine related deaths?


Unbelievably creepy. This vaccine is not safe compared to regular, FDA approved vaccines and should not be forced on anyone. More Covid vaccine related deaths have been reported to VAERS in the last eight months than all post-vaccine deaths reported to VAERs in the last thirty years!

Tim MillerNanamiro

So far 3 deaths in the US have been linked to a COVID vaccine. Misinformation is always serious, but these vaccine lies are costing lives.

NanamiroTim Miller

Here is a link to a website that helps navigate VAERS: https://medalerts.org/vaersdb/index.php
You can put in any vaccine, year, age-group, adverse event and it will weed through VAERS and tell you how many adverse events were reported to VAERS for that vaccine. It gives you the details of each specific report. Simply choose 'Covid-19'vaccines, then 'deaths' and compare that to All vaccines deaths. Try that with other adverse events. It is mind-boggling how much more dangerous the Covid vaccines are than regular vaccines, and yet people just call it "misinformation" when anyone points this out.


Anyone who has served in the military know it is a readiness issue. The military has a standard list of shots that everyone has to get and other shots that are required if you are going to be sent somewhere that requires it (malaria, yellow fever, etc). The Yellow Fever shot I had to get when I already had been in the military 5 years was the one I had the worst reaction to.
I hated shots. I used a runny nose as an excuse to delay getting the flu shot many times, but I eventually ended up getting them.


I know, my brother retired from the army. I've heard! But those are vaccines that went through years of safety trials. This is a different situation and I just don't think it is ethical to force this shot onto people without their safety being studied (not to mention efficacy, which seems to be waning or less effective with Delta).


Once the FDA says it is safe, it is safe by definition.
Just like when I was in Army basic Training and had a Temperature of 103º and all the symptoms of influenza, I had an "Upper Respiratory Infection (URI)", because by definition I could not have the flu, because I had a flu shot two weeks prior!