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New York issues measles vaccine mandate

Children in a yeshiva schoolyard in the Williamsburg section of New York on Tuesday Associated Press/Photo by Mark Lennihan

New York issues measles vaccine mandate

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday declared a public health emergency and ordered mandatory vaccinations in one neighborhood in response to a measles outbreak. The virus has infected 285 people in Brooklyn’s largely Orthodox Jewish Williamsburg section since September. Anyone working or going to school within four New York ZIP codes must get the measles vaccine, including all children older than 6 months. New York City’s health commissioner is empowered by law to order vaccines in the event of a serious public health threat. Officials cannot legally force anyone to be vaccinated, but those who don’t will face a $1,000 fine. The city plans to target infected people and those they have had contact with to enforce the fines. “We have to protect our kids and our families,” de Blasio tweeted.

Last month, officials in nearby suburban Rockland County, N.Y., banned unvaccinated children from going to public places for 30 days. Last week, a judge temporarily halted the order after parents sued. Lawsuits are also expected over de Blasio’s vaccine order.

There have been 465 cases of the measles in the United States since 2019, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Harvest Prude

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Here is a "debate" between Del Bigtree, producer of the TV show The Doctors and a scientist on the issue of vaccines, safety and testing. I would love to see some comment on this. You will quickly understand if you do some research why they say vaccines are "safe and effective." 






They never tell you how many of the kids who have measles were fully vaccinated. They know that vaccinated kids can have measles. 


Immunity from vaccines or the full strength wild version of the virus is not 100%. The measles vaccine is around 97% effective, if both doses are given. This enough for herd immunity generally. Also, some have medical conditions that prevent a safe administration of the vaccine. Those with leukemia, some types of cancer and other conditions cannot get the vaccine, and it would be probably fatal to get the full strength wild version of the virus. These people are depending on those around them with healthy immune systems to get the vaccine to protect them with herd immunity.

Laura W

See not silent's great explanation below. Although most often these outbreaks do spread quickly through communities where many people haven't been vaccinated, they can end up putting others at risk as well.


Thank you, not silent, for your helpful comments.

My Two Cents

I recall from history when Jews were "forced" to wear a big yellow star. Now they are being "forced" to be vaccinated. 

"Anyone working or going to school within four New York ZIP codes must get the measles vaccine, including all children older than 6 months."

And if the vaccine is so effective, then the vaccinated people need not worry about contracting it. 


Are they saying that kids that HAVEN'T been vaccinated against measles, might have measles and give it to kids that HAVE BEEN vaccinated against measles??? Or are they saying that the kids that HAVEN'T been vaccinated are at risk of getting it from the kids that HAVE been vaccinated? Let that all sink in. It makes no sense.