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More countries pause AstraZeneca vaccine

A health worker prepares a dose of the AstraZeneca shot at a vaccination center in Munich, Germany. Associated Press/Photo by Sven Hoppe/dpa (file)

More countries pause AstraZeneca vaccine

Germany reversed course on Monday just days after saying it would continue distributing the COVID-19 shot from AstraZeneca. France, Italy, Spain, and Thailand are also among the dozen or so countries that have halted use of the vaccine following reports of some recipients experiencing dangerous blood clots. Britain and Canada are still distributing it.

What do we know? AstraZeneca has insisted the shot is safe, saying there have only been 37 reports of clots out of 17 million recipients. The European Union’s drug regulatory agency plans to meet Thursday to review the data. The World Health Organization joined the European Medicines Agency in saying there was no evidence the vaccine caused the clots. AstraZeneca will likely apply for emergency use authorization in the United States in the next few weeks.

Dig deeper: Read John Dawson’s report in Beginnings about the three vaccines available in the United States.

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not silent

For Hannah, I am reading the letter right now; and I feel I should clarify that it does NOT say that those seven things "must be expected" in everyone who receives the vaccine.  It describes a cascade of actions that the writers feel "must be expected" unless someone has proven they DIDN'T happen and demands that the vaccines be withdrawn unless what they proposed is proven NOT TO HAPPEN.

I learned how to do scientific experimentation in college.  Normally, someone comes up with a hypothesis and then tests it to see if it's valid or not.  The vaccine manufacturers and doctors apparently hypothesized that mRNA and/or spike proteins might work well in certain vaccines. They have already DONE experiments in labs, using animals, and on thousands of people; and their tests have apparently shown that these vaccines protect against infection and that serious side effects are rare.   

However, if I'm reading the letter correctly, the writers are putting forth a hypothesis based on a long chain of component parts; but, without actually TESTING the hypothesis, they are insisting that it "must be" valid because the component parts are valid. (It reminds me of the atheists I used to debate who would insist that complex life forms on earth "must have" evolved from single cells which formed in the primordial ooze because scientists had observed evolution within a genus.)  The letter also implies that the extensive testing already done by the drug companies to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of their products is not enough; they must provide evidence that the unproven hypothsis proposed by the letter writers is FALSE or withdraw the products they have already worked hard to develop and test.  



In an urgent open letter to the European Medicines Agency, doctors and scientists requested responses to a progression of seven issues with the COVID-19 gene-based vaccines. “It must be expected that” the vaccines

(1) reach the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, and then

(2) are taken up by cells in small vessels and capillaries, sites of slow blood flow, and then

(3) produce a spike protein, resulting in peptides presented on the surface of the cells, where the body’s lymphocytes recognize the peptides and then attack the cells, resulting in

(4) damaged cells, triggering blood coagulation via platelet activation throughout the body, resulting in

(5) a drop in platelet counts; lesions throughout the body, including the brain, spinal cord, and heart; and profuse bleedings and stroke – because  

(6) the spike protein binds to receptors on platelets, activating them, resulting in abnormally low platelet counts, as reported in vaccinated individuals, with the potential of blood clots excessively forming – bringing into question  

(7) the need for “emergency” use of the vaccines when “the health systems of most countries were no longer under imminent threat of being overwhelmed because a growing proportion of the world had already been infected and the worst of the pandemic had already abated.”

Until the issues were addressed, “we demand that approval for use of the gene-based vaccines be withdrawn …”

My Two Cents

And I wonder if the CDC will approve its emergency use. I am becoming increasingly skeptical. Johnson and Johnson uses fetal tissue. Astra Zeneca causes blood clots. Yet, we are to do our part and get whatever vaccine is available to us. It bothers me that they are vaccinating millions of people with doses that have not been fully approved by the FDA. And how many product recalls are there every year due to just a few malfunctions?