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Last U.S. soldiers leave Afghanistan

A CH-47 Chinook is loaded onto a U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Saturday. Associated Press/Department of Defense

Last U.S. soldiers leave Afghanistan

Taliban militants fired their rifles into the sky above Kabul on Monday in celebration of the final U.S. military planes departing the airport. Earlier on Monday, ISIS militants fired a volley of rockets at the Kabul airport. The Pentagon said anti-rocket defense systems took out the rockets before they struck the airport, but some of the rockets landed across town, reportedly striking residential apartment blocks.

Did we get everyone out? White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that officials aren’t yet sure how many Americans were left behind. But House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy said the exact number hardly matters: “They’re making a conscious decision that they’re leaving Americans behind. Why would you do that?”

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Kent Covington

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The question becomes "Could this have been handled more poorly?" Too many current and former military personnel are telling us that it could not. This means that we need to see some resignations and firings to prove to us that they understand the level of incompetency and are willing to correct it. Anything less and I agree with Salty1 that this was planned.


If I was a Muslim terrorist with a network of spies in the State Department and military, I would do exactly what they are doing. I would humiliate the Americans by causing them to leave in a most humiliating fashion- leaving their own citizens to the mercy of the Taliban. I would ensure that billions of dollars worth of equipment was left making Afghanistan one of the largest military equipped nations (comparable to size) in the world. I would make sure they brought thousands and thousands of unvented Afghan refugees making sure some were rapists, killers and terrorists. I would plant the seeds to destroy America. Interesting, we are seeing exactly this. Who are the traitors?