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Kim Jong Un promises support for Russia during suspected arms talks

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un examine a rocket launch pad. Associated Press/Photo by Mikhail Metzel/Pool Sputnik Kremlin

Kim Jong Un promises support for Russia during suspected arms talks

The North Korean leader on Wednesday met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at its spaceport or launch site in eastern Russia. After the more than four-hour summit, Putin said there are possibilities for military cooperation between the countries. North Korea will support Russia’s war in Ukraine, Kim said. U.S. officials say Putin is seeking weapons and ammunition from North Korea, while Kim is looking for help developing military spy satellites. Officials in Moscow and Pyongyang have denied claims that Kim will provide military equipment to Russia.

How are other countries reacting? The United States and South Korea have warned against the partnership. The United Nations forbids its members, including Russia, from engaging in military cooperation with the hermit nation. Russia and China have recently opposed newly proposed sanctions on North Korea.

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Lauren Canterberry

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