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Israeli forces search largest hospital in Gaza

Palestinians took shelter in the Al-Shifa Hospital compound. Photo by Bashar Taleb/AFP via Getty Images

Israeli forces search largest hospital in Gaza

Israel’s military on Wednesday launched an operation to search for Hamas terrorists inside the Al-Shifa Hospital. The Israel Defense Forces have said that Hamas operated in and under medical facilities throughout the region and warned staff at Al-Shifa that they planned to search the facility. U.S. intelligence shows Hamas and other Palestinian militants used hospitals to support military operations and hold hostages, National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday. Hamas has denied all claims that it operates in medical facilities.

What is the situation inside the hospital? Hundreds of civilians and hospital staff remained in the facility for days as Israeli forces surrounded the compound ahead of the raid. The hospital was no longer functioning Monday due to power outages and lack of water, according to the United Nations’ World Health Organization. Medical teams accompanied Israeli soldiers inside the hospital compound, bringing food and medical supplies, the Israel Defense Forces said. 

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Lauren Canterberry

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