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Indonesia volcano buries homes

Villagers looking at Mount Semeru Associated Press/Photo by Imanuel Yoga

Indonesia volcano buries homes

Indonesia’s Mount Semeru volcano erupted Sunday, covering surrounding villages in debris and releasing lava flow down the slopes and toward a nearby river. Authorities from the Lumajang Regency and East Java Province have begun rescue efforts and have not reported any casualties. Lumajang district chief Thoriqul Haq said nearly 2,000 people escaped to emergency shelters prior to the eruption. The volcano’s increased activity prompted officials on Sunday to widen the danger zone to five miles from the crater.

How often does this volcano erupt? Mount Semeru has erupted numerous times in the last 200 years. An eruption in December 2021 left 51 people dead. This year, heavy rains eroded the lava dome atop the 12,060-foot volcano to the point of collapse, which led to the eruption. Despite the danger, tens of thousands of people continue to live on the volcano’s fertile slopes and surrounding land.

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Lauren Canterberry

Lauren Canterberry is a reporter for WORLD. She graduated from the World Journalism Institute and the University of Georgia with a degree in journalism, both in 2017. She worked as a local reporter in Texas and now lives in Georgia with her husband.


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