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Family from The Blind Side responds to lawsuit

Michael Oher Associated Press/Photo by Stephen Whyno, file

Family from <em>The Blind Side</em> responds to lawsuit

The lawsuit filed by former NFL player Michael Oher accuses the family that supported him as a teenager of profiting off his life story. Oher also claims Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy lied about adopting him while placing him under a conservatorship in 2004. In a court filing Thursday, the Tuohys said they never sought to adopt Oher and only placed him under a conservatorship when he was 18 years old so that he could play college football.

What is Oher seeking through this lawsuit against the Tuohys? He is seeking money he says they made from his life story, which was the subject of the 2009 movie The Blind Side. He is also seeking the termination of the conservatorship. The Tuohys’ representatives said they would enter a consent form to end the conservatorship. The couple say they each made $100,000 off the movie—just like Oher did. They also say they paid Oher’s taxes for his share of the revenue.

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