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Eight dead in Houston concert crowd surge

Travis Scott performs at the Astroworld Music Festival on Friday. Invision/Photo by Amy Harris/AP

Eight dead in Houston concert crowd surge

Eight people were killed and dozens of others injured on Friday night during a crowd surge at the Astroworld music festival in Houston. The festival, headlined by Grammy-nominated rapper Travis Scott, had drawn an estimated 50,000 people for a scheduled two-day lineup. But during a performance by Scott on Friday evening, raucous fans pushed forward toward the stage, causing some to lose consciousness or go into cardiac arrest. During the concert on Friday, Scott paused onstage several times when he noticed a problem in the crowd, at one point saying, “Security, somebody help real quick.”

How have authorities responded? Officials in Houston said emergency responders took 17 people to the hospital for treatment, some as young as 10 years old, but didn’t immediately give causes of death for those killed. According to reports, emergency vehicles drove between the crowds several times during the concert to try to help victims. “It was hard for me to get good air,” concertgoer Nick Johnson told The New York Times. “It was probably over 100 degrees with everyone around you.” Police said they would investigate what caused the crowd surge. Festival organizers have canceled the remainder of the event.

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Daniel James Devine

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There was so much that went wrong at that concert venu. I hope that people learn that those kind of concerts are best watched on video.


I'm reminded of that great scene in the Hitchcock film "Torn Curtain" where Newman's character does the one thing you should never do in a crowded movie theater.


I gotta say it. Got no idea who this cat is. Couldn't name a single song or single lyric. Let me take a wild stab and say his lyric content was or is sexuallly explicit and graphic and thus wholly ill-suited to the ears of the youngest trampling victims. We have ratings for movie theaters and similarly we need to impose ratings on outdoor music acts. Look up a heavily forested mountain side and you'll see the tree-less fire lane. Concert venues should have similar access lanes for the EMS and security services. This incident and the dead it left behind all cry out for reform of concert venues where revenue maximization demands packing them all in like sardines.