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China and Russia continue to strengthen partnership

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Chinese officials today. Associated Press/Photo Anton Novoderezhkin/Pool Sputnik Kremlin

China and Russia continue to strengthen partnership

The Kremlin hosted top Chinese officials for talks on Wednesday as the countries bolster ties. Senior Chinese foreign policy official Wang Yi said Moscow and Beijing share the goal of countering perceived U.S. dominance in global matters. He said China wants to deepen its partnership with Russia—a relationship China’s described as having “no limits”—but gave few details about their next steps. China so far has avoided criticizing Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. China’s United Nations ambassador said Tuesday the country would release a “position paper” on Ukraine soon.

What are some other indicators that China and Russia have strengthened ties? The two countries have conducted several joint military exercises and are expected to hold naval drills with South Africa on Friday. Russia’s flagship frigate arrived in Cape Town this week. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday also said that Chinese President Xi Jinping may visit Russia soon, though Beijing officials have not commented on the possibility of such a trip.

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Lauren Canterberry

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