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Blinken defends Afghanistan withdrawal

Secretary of State Tony Blinken Associated Press/Photo by Jacquelyn Martin (file)

Blinken defends Afghanistan withdrawal

Even the most pessimistic assessments did not anticipate the Afghan government would collapse while U.S. forces were still in the country, Secretary of State Tony Blinken said Monday. In testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, he once again blamed the Trump administration for the military’s disorderly withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying President Joe Biden inherited a deal with the Taliban to end the war.

Was the deal bad to begin with? Republicans have noted that the Taliban repeatedly violated that agreement and the Biden administration did nothing to enforce it. They have demanded to know why American citizens were left behind in Afghanistan and said they did not get satisfactory answers on Monday.

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Kent Covington

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Big Jim

The one thing missing from Blinken's response: "We really blew it in Afghanistan. It's our fault and I apologize on behalf of the Biden Administration."


I don’t think another troop surge would have been necessary if the administration had used a little foresight and gotten evacuations underway a couple months before the troops left.


I do wonder what the reaction would have been (amongst Republicans, especially) if Biden HAD declared the agreement with the Taliban broken and followed up with another troop surge to beat them back. Would they have applauded his fortitude and resolve as the inevitable casualties accumulated, or decried the waste, hubris, and folly of trying to bring order to a difficult and messy part of the world that most Americans care little about so long as the brutality and injustice that occurs there doesn't affect us? I hate being cynical, but my guess is that there would have been even more criticism and outrage than there is now, and that's what Biden had in mind as he stuck to the withdrawal.


What I find amazing is that they think blaming Trump is going to make them look any better. Yes, Trump made a deal to end the war, but he hasn't been president for 9 months now. With the Taliban having violated the deal several times in those 9 months, holding to the deal, having it all fall to pieces, and then say "I was just following that guy's plan" shows a shocking lack of leadership and back bone.

Stop blaming the previous president for things you can and should have changed.


What duplicitous rubbish. Blinken is at least playing his sycophantic role to his boss to its natural conclusion. He certainly wants to keep his job.