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Biden, Putin meet in Geneva

U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday Associated Press/Photo by Patrick Semansky

Biden, Putin meet in Geneva

President Joe Biden described his three-hour meeting with the leader of Russia as neither friendly nor hostile, but professional and matter of fact. President Vladimir Putin agreed, saying the conversation in Geneva was productive.

What did they talk about? Biden said he made no threats, but made clear that if Russia crossed certain red lines—including going after major American infrastructure—the United States would respond and “the consequences of that would be devastating.” Putin insisted Russia wasn’t involved in recent ransomware attacks affecting U.S. companies. The two disagreed on Russia’s jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. But they agreed to return their nations’ ambassadors to their posts in Washington and Moscow and to begin working toward replacing the last remaining treaty between the two countries limiting nuclear weapons.

Dig deeper: Read Jenny Lind Schmitt’s report on the two leaders’ historic meeting.

Kent Covington

Kent is a reporter and news anchor for WORLD Radio. He spent nearly two decades in Christian and news/talk radio before joining WORLD in 2012. He resides in Atlanta, Ga.



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Putin is reported elsewhere to have commented that “Biden is a tough negotiator.” Hahaha! I’m sure Putin and his aides say otherwise in their private conversations. 🙄