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Biden mandates vaccines for 100 million Americans

Protesters opposing vaccine mandates march past the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., on Wednesday. Associated Press/Photo by Rich Pedroncelli

Biden mandates vaccines for 100 million Americans

Speaking from the White House on Thursday, President Joe Biden announced a federal rule that all employers with more than 100 workers require employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19 or test for the virus weekly. Biden is also signing an executive order to require vaccination for employees of the executive branch and federal contractors with no option to test out.

How can he do that? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration can fine large companies that fail to mandate vaccinations or weekly testing for employees. It is expected to enact a rule with a penalty of $14,000 per violation. The White House did not immediately say when the rule would take effect but said workers would have sufficient time to get vaccinated. Biden said about three-quarters of eligible Americans have had at least one shot. Among those who haven’t, some have religious objections to receiving the vaccine based on drug makers’ use of cell lines from aborted babies.

Dig deeper: Read Steve West’s report in Liberties about a lawsuit against a vaccine mandate by Maine Gov. Janet Mills.

Kent Covington

Kent is a reporter and news anchor for WORLD Radio. He spent nearly two decades in Christian and news/talk radio before joining WORLD in 2012. He resides in Atlanta, Ga.



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If vaccines work (and they do), then how does firing the unvaccinated protect the vaccinated? How does putting people out of work make us healthier?


I realize that as a Christian medical provider, there are a number of people who will disagree with what I say, but I will put a few things out there for thought. About the vaccine and fetal cells: https://cmda.org/article/is-vaccination-complicit-with-abortion/
Testing: those who are unvaccinated are most of those who are sick when you look at the national picture, are most of who are dying, and are most likely to spread covid. This is one of the most contagious diseases, which has no real comparison.Those who are sick should be tested, but most with covid will be unvaccinated.
Once the United States fully commits like Iceland or Vermont to vaccines and masking, then we can see similar success. Natural immunity is risky, is not as effective as a shot in breadth or strength of protection, and further spreads the disease and allows more mutations. Those who survive are likely 10-30% of being a long-hauler.
Surgeons and surgical teams wear masks all day for long surgeries, and when patients have tuberculosis, we wear masks because we know that they work and have long before covid. Masks are not as good as vaccines but are proven, especially for preventing covid germs from coming out of someone.
Vaccine adverse effects are very rare compared to the number of shots given, and pale in comparison to the odds of getting covid, the harm from that, and the odds of other things like dying in a car accident 1:107.
The only realistic medical reason to not take the shot is history of an allergic reaction to shots/ingredients. If you want to say a side effect is from the shot, you have to prove over time that people without the shot are less likely to have a problem like a heart attack than people that get the shot.
I have not heard any doctor in my area have any other reservations about this shot than maybe how well it will work in those with weak immune systems, and over 95% of doctors had taken the shot by June. We know how shots have wiped out polio and knocked down Measles.
The one thing I have not heard a reasonable explanation for is also the most concerning problem: Hospitals including ICUs at multiple times have been so full that people without covid illnesses are now dying because covid illnesses take up so many beds. Surgeries canceled, double digit ER waiting periods, having non-ICU personnel take care of patients in non-ICU settings. This has never happened like this, let alone in the summer. Doctors quitting, nurses quitting, some committing suicide due to all of the deaths. This does not compare to other contagious or non-contagious diseases like stroke or cancer.
Doctors are not always right, but this is our job to treat and keep up on this. Ask yourself why most of us (including Christian doctors) agree with the masks and shots. If you can’t trust us on this, what can you trust us with?
I don’t believe in mandates in general, but the opposition to different recommendations for the pandemic has led to this mandate in the end. We must choose carefully and can fight when those rights are impinged, but recognize society does not exist without compromise typically from all sides. For example, if we are going to say that people should be not forced to take shots (but realize we have been doing this for a long time in colleges, medical schools, hospitals, etc. already with exemptions available), then wearing masks and minimizing risk of infection shows that we love those around us who rightly should be concerned about the contagiousness. The battle for rights (like religion) did not start yesterday, and will continue long after covid. My concern is that covid should have never come down to a fight like this in the first place.
Please remember that our witness to non-Christians can be severely harmed by what looks to the world like selfish and/or uninformed actions/beliefs. Even if you consider them your enemies, you are called to love them anyway. If our actions make this pandemic worse, the world can think our message of love is hollow. Please be careful to not be caught up in these fights whenever it hinders loving our neighbor and advancing the gospel. If we are persecuted, make sure it is for the right reasons: in your anger, do not sin.
I hope and pray more will grasp the big picture on covid and that we are children of God first, living sacrifices, and Americans second. Even if you disagree with any/all of the above on Covid, please do not let anything, ANYTHING get in the way of loving God fully, loving our neighbor as our self, and fulfilling the Great Commission.


Your comment is longer than Covington's! Why would I read it or care?


As a medical provider, I assume you are aware of the many treatments that are readily available and have been proven through numerous studies to prevent and/or cure people of COVID-19, yet are being hidden from the American public. In addition, if this were truly about health, the CDC and mainstream media would be recommending people to increase their vitamin D, spend time outside, get exercise, and do a number of other things to lower their risk of hospitalization from COVID-19. There is something very wrong with a push to vaccinate the entire world, without allowing each person to make their own risk/benefit assessment perhaps with their own medical provider. For me, this is not about the aborted fetal cell issue. It is a worldview issue that prompts me to step back and take a careful look at what the entire world has bought into and start asking questions, including "Who is making the most money here while others of us suffer?"


There are a lot more concerns than fetal cell lines.
I agree with the woman's sign. Vaccines come with risk. Waiting to catch Covid comes with risks.
And why must only unvaccinated people be tested weekly? Vaccinated people also get Covid and can pass it on. And since the vaccine reduces symptoms, they may be asymptomatic more often than the unvaccinated, which means they are going to work spreading Covid instead of staying home sick.


It is all anecdotal but I am aware of 3 people that have had major issues after getting the vaccine. One had a seizure (with no previous history) days after and she will tell anyone who listens that the vaccine triggered it . The second had an aneurysm days after the second shot that put her in the ER again with no history. The third had a heart attack (no history) 5 days after the jab. She died and the family is fairly certain of its cause.
It seems odd that I know more people that have had extreme vaccine reactions than I know people that have died from covid. Again anecdotal.
But what I do know is that we have local doctors that have treated 6000 covid patients with only 3 deaths, with the 3 deaths coming to them in advanced stages. I also read about nurses treating 65 covid patients at our local Brawley hospital with ZERO survivors. Read the attached
So we have doctors saying that they have a way to treat effectively with known drugs, hospitals that are acting more like pre-morgues and vaccines that don't really seem too work as advertised. So which one does our president pitch?
WORLD where are you? Time for some JOURNALISM perhaps?


I am experiencing similar things. I now know of three serious reactions to the vaccines (requiring hospitalization, one ending in death), and three people who have died of Covid. Pretending these vaccines carry no risk is criminal.

Mark EP

I would appreciate World's take on what's happening with Covid in Israel; as I understand it, the government there has already achieved most of what Biden is attempting to do in the US, and the situation in Israel has gotten worse, not better. High vaccination rates were achieved rapidly due to government mandates but have not resulted in diminishing infections and deaths. Israeli officials are already discussing third and fourth booster shots. People seem to think full vaccination is the promised land, but, to quote Gertrude Stein, "there is no there there."


This issue is so much more complex than it’s been presented here. I hope that World has plans to discuss this in a full article. People’s entire livelihoods are at stake here; they may lose not only their jobs but their homes and many other comforts and privileges along with it. Many of those people have children or other loved ones depending on their income to put food on the table, clothe growing children, and pay for shelter. This is a terrible predicament and it grieves me that the church is not taking it more seriously. People have numerous reasons for not accepting the vaccine - NOT SIMPLY the religious conviction that the vaccine involved using aborted fetal cells at some point in development or testing. Some have underlying conditions that are likely to be exacerbated by this vaccine and have been instructed by their own doctors NOT to take it. Others have strongly held beliefs about personal liberties being infringed upon as we see more and more of our freedoms being taken away. Some are deeply concerned by the lack of studies done on the true, verifiable safety of the vaccines. Others have close friends and family who have been damaged by the vaccine. The list goes on! These are not thoughtless people who simply want to be defiant. There are MANY, MANY reasons people are choosing not to take the shot. I am appalled at how many Christians do not see a problem with forced vaccination. This is totally un-American and it seems like treason for our own President to not only fail to uphold the Constitution but blatantly defy it.


So I think Biden is overreaching here. I still think if you have objections to the vaccine, then you should wear a mask and test before you expose others during an outbreak.

It costs Delta Airlines $40,000 on average for a COVID-hospitalized employee. A vaccine costs less than $40.

Why should your fellow employees have to pay for your decision?

My Two CentsTim Miller

Tim, I read the “details” of this mandate, which are not guaranteed to stay the same over the next 20 minutes, and there is no exception. My husband is a federal worker and the last briefing they got a few weeks ago was either a shot or testing twice a week. Now, there is a jab or get fired. The puny logistics of how they would do the testing, and who would pay, and the reporting system was vague and ill-conceived. Furthermore, who will record the vaccination status has not been determined. I predict a mark on the forehead with an expiration date. To address your last question, are you inferring that we reduce human worth to how much it costs to keep them alive? In our county, about 9% of the people who have died of Covid are fully vaccinated. 19% of all new positive cases are fully vaccinated. The vaccine might be a good idea, but I am absolutely opposed to mandating it AND dispersing judgment against those who aren’t.

Tim MillerMy Two Cents

Thanks for a mostly thoughtful answer except for the forehead quip. You make some good points, and I don't think this is a wise move on Biden's part. I do think people should get vaccinated for the most part.


Tim: What about hospitalizations from drug overdoses, alcohol consumption and tobacco use? Should I have to pay for those choices that others make? What happens when people do not comply? Should your neighbor lose their job? Should they be jailed?


I prefer giving people the information and letting them choose. I also support letting businesses decide for themselves (with some exceptions, like meat packing plants and nursing homes, for obvious reasons) if they want to insist that their employees be vaccinated. So I don't support either Biden or DeSantis telling businesses they can or can't require the vaccine.

My Two Cents

Why this one vaccine? Why no exceptions? Of course this is tyranny! Next he should require mandatory tattoos, mandatory abortions, forbid tobacco and alcohol consumption, and fine companies that have employees that are obese!

Tim Miller

I'm glad Biden has finally decided to be prolife, at least on one issue!

Tim MillerTim Miller

For the record, I think if this policy were followed lives would be saved. I do not think it's a wise course of action; education is a better way and was working.


Wake up America before it’s too late and stand up against this tyranny. It’s not going to stop with the vaccine.


Hey DFRO7722, So what is next? How do you know?


First it was lockdowns. That was supposed to work. Then, mask everyone. That was supposed to work. Then, get vaccinated. That was supposed to work. Then, get vaccinated and wear a mask. That was supposed to work. Now, get vaccinated, wear a mask, get a third dose. That isn't working. What IS next?