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Abortion proposal added to November ballot in Ohio

Ohio voters will decide on August 8 whether to change the threshold to amend the state constitution. Associated Press/Photo by Patrick Orsagos

Abortion proposal added to November ballot in Ohio

Two pro-abortion groups in February submitted a proposal that will ask voters to enshrine abortion access into Ohio’s state constitution. Secretary of State Frank LaRose on Tuesday said the pro-abortion group Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights collected enough signatures to add their proposal to the November ballot. The state could still protect babies after a physician determines he or she could survive outside the womb, according to the approved ballot language. Abortions would still be permitted until birth to save a pregnant woman’s life or health. Ohio Right to Life on Tuesday released a statement saying the measure would remove all protections for unborn babies in the state.

How are pro-lifers responding? The Ohio Supreme Court last month ruled that a special election can go forward on August 8, and early voting has already begun. The result of the special election will determine how many votes are needed to pass the abortion proposal. Specifically, voters will decide whether to raise the threshold to change the state constitution—from a simple majority to 60 percent. 

Dig deeper: Read Leah Savas’ report in Vitals about how states are clarifying abortion exceptions in their laws.

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