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Catholic college allows Planned Parenthood fundraiser

Catholic college allows Planned Parenthood fundraiser

Pro-life students question the university’s tolerance of a pro-abortion event

Experts believe K-12 student homelessness grew during pandemic, despite some survey results suggesting a decline

Students’ physical fitness suffered from a year with no gym class

The coronavirus pandemic boosted home education among African Americans, but it wasn’t the only factor


Critics of gifted education programs in public schools complain of racial disparities, but advocates say fixing admission practices can solve the problem

Despite burnout and COVID-19 risks, the field is still drawing new students

Parents continue to push back against school boards

Enrollment grew by 7 percent during the 2020-2021 school year

Conservatives say the Biden administration’s effort to involve the FBI in investigating parents over school board meetings is a step too far

Public and private school civics courses would ensure children learn the ABCs of government