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Scientists study vaccine effects on fertility, pregnancy

Scientists study vaccine effects on fertility, pregnancy

New research links stillbirth and premature delivery to COVID-19 infection

The agency will aggressively treat high-risk wilderness by logging and prescribed burns

Staffing shortages and a surge in cases strain healthcare facilities, but the disease appears less severe this time around

Coronavirus mutations, space discoveries, and bioethical controversies highlighted a year of science news


Where did the coronavirus variant come from, and what does it mean for the pandemic?

A NASA spacecraft enters our star’s atmosphere

Study shows pregnant women who smoke marijuana may bring long-term harm to their babies

Economic realities threaten the feasibility of the Glasgow pledge

The plan would modestly reduce U.S. greenhouse gases, but small energy companies could feel the financial effects

Animal organs could shorten transplant waiting lists, but the research prompts ethics debates about the distinction between animals and humans.