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Kicker: When you donut lock the van…


WORLD Radio - Kicker: When you donut lock the van…

Two black bears raid an unlocked Krispy Kreme delivery van near Anchorage, Alaska

Two bears getting into a donut truck in Anchorage, Alaska. Associated Press/Photo by Shelly Deano

MYRNA BROWN, HOST: Well, it was a routine Tuesday morning donut delivery at a military base near Anchorage Alaska. The Krispy Kreme driver left the van door open while rolling a cart of donuts into the commissary. Aaaand you can probably guess where this is going. Audio here from KTUU (NBC News).

SHELLY DEANO: I said he's in the van and then the little cub followed and went inside the van and then they just started eating the doughnuts.

Store manager Shelly Deano made it outside in time to snap some pictures of the two bears gorging themselves.

DEANO: We were trying to beat on the van but they just, they just kept eating all the donuts. They ate 20 packages of the donut holes and then I believe six packages of the three packed chocolate donuts.

PAUL BUTLER, HOST: Sounds like they’re bulking up for Fat Bear Week in October.

BROWN: Hmm. Or maybe just binge-eating before hibernation?

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