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Kicker: Trading for string cheese


WORLD Radio - Kicker: Trading for string cheese

A man creates a billboard to invite trades for unwanted cheese

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MYRNA BROWN, HOST: Some people are creative.

There’s a guy in Canada who moved into a new house. The refrigerator had a single piece of string cheese still in it.

REICHARD: I’d have tossed that right out!

Well, most of us would have. But Angel Domingo is a business man on the lookout to make a deal!

He bought a billboard in downtown Toronto and put a picture of that string cheese on it. The billboard read:

“FOR TRADE: One Cheestring.

Accepting trades.... Marble flavour. Still in original packaging. No lowballs. I know what I have.”

And then it lists his phone number.

Domingo says he’s traded all sorts of things, but this is a first.

He said he’s already received multiple offers ranging from cereal to two Persian cats.

REICHARD: Whodathunkit?

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