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Kicker - The perfect Oreo split


WORLD Radio - Kicker - The perfect Oreo split

MIT researcher determines there’s no way to divide the filling down the middle

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MARY REICHARD, HOST: Top researchers in the field of fluid dynamics set out to unlock one of the great mysteries of mankind. Can you unscrew an Oreo in such a way as to achieve a perfect distribution of creme filling?

Call it Oreology. Crystal Owens is a PhD student at MIT.

OWENS: I really wanted to perfect the taste which means that you have a little bit of cream and you never get a bite that’s just wafer…

Yeah, nobody wants that, but that’s what everybody gets.

So Owens and her team created the “Oreometer,” a device that scientifically twists apart the cookies.

She and her custom device went through about 20 packages before she determined it cannot be done.

We can put a man on the moon, but even with an Oreometer and an MIT student we have not achieved the perfect 50-50 split of cookie and creme.

But you can continue the research: Ms. Owens published instructions online for creating your own Oreometer at home.

Of course, you’ll need a 3-D printer, lots of Oreos, and, you know the story: If you give a researcher a cookie...

BROWN: She’ll probably ask for a glass of milk.

REICHARD: It’s The World and Everything in It.

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