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Kicker: The bartender and the lost engagement ring


WORLD Radio - Kicker: The bartender and the lost engagement ring

A bartender discovered a lost ring in a muddy parking lot

PAUL BUTLER, HOST: Most of us know the parable about the pearl of great price and we’re all familiar with the account of the Good Samaritan. But what about the story of the good bartender and the lost engagement ring?

It all began when Raquel Aiken lost her engagement ring—a ring from her deceased fiancé. She dropped that ring in the parking lot of a tennis court. And she thought she’d never see it again.

But then a bartender came along. Here’s Dude Olguin. Audio courtesy of Fox 31, Denver.

OLGUIN: I was getting ready to go my third job so really I was just going to my car I happen to look down.

He saw the ring in the mud. And he picked it up.

OLGUIN: You know temptation was to go pawn it or to find a jeweler to tell me more about it but really my faith told me just to hold on to it and wait and listen.

Soon enough, some folks in the bar were talking about a woman who’d lost her engagement ring. That’s when he realized he just might have it.

So then they met up.

AIKEN: There was the ring. And I… immediately was in tears. I couldn’t believe it.

So while Olguin may have technically given Aiken an engagement ring—they insist they’re just friends, but I’m guessing, they’ll be friends for life.

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