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Kicker: Stay safe, stop laughing


WORLD Radio - Kicker: Stay safe, stop laughing

The Federal Highway Administration gives states a two-year deadline to stop putting punny messages on electronic road signs

Photo by Rob Patete

MYRNA BROWN, HOST: Government agencies aren’t known for their humor. So perhaps it’s no surprise that the US Federal Highway Administration has put the kibosh on electronic road signs with a local flavor.

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Like the one in Massachusetts that says “Use ya blinkah”

BROWN: Or this one: “Nice car, did it come with a turn signal?” Alas, it’s true. Agency officials say the humorous signs are distracting and reduce respect for the signs.

Some aren’t taking this lightly, like David Cook of Arizona. Sound from WABI-TV:

DAVID COOK: The humor part of it we kind of like. I think in Arizona the majority of us do, if not all of us.

Regardless, so long punny messages! States have two years to knock it off.

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