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Kicker: Flying chair meets windshield


WORLD Radio - Kicker: Flying chair meets windshield

Part of an office chair flies into the windshield of a family vehicle on a Utah highway Sonate

PAUL BUTLER, HOST: A Utah family had a scary encounter on Interstate 15 recently. Their dash-cam caught the moment. Audio here from KSL-TV.

LILLY EATON: It happened all super super quick...

15-year old Lilly Eaton was sitting in the front passenger seat.

EATON: Just something flying towards us. Oh, that's gonna hit us. What was that like? What hit us? I didn't even see what it was.

What hit them was the metal base of an office chair. Apparently, it was sitting on the road or shoulder a couple lanes over. Another car hit it and launched it into their windshield.

No one was seriously injured, just some cuts from the shattered glass, but it was a close call to be sure. A memorable lesson for Lilly Eaton as she learns to drive: to be extra careful and alert.

EATON: I think if maybe my mom was on her phone or like, distracted with passengers in the back, you know, like it could have been a lot worse. We’re just happy that everybody is alive

MYRNA BROWN, HOST: Something for us all to remember.

BUTLER: It’s The World and Everything in It.

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