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A Texas woman celebrates her 72-year radio career by Tero Vesalainen

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Here's a Guinness Book of World Record we can get behind. Mary McCoy has been spinning country music records on Texas radio stations for a long time. Audio here from FOX 26 Houston:

MARY McCOY: It's quite a change from the turntables, the reel to reel, tape recorders and goodness, the eight tracks.

REICHARD: The 85-year old got her start after showing up at a radio station talent show. Soon after she started working at KMCO Radio in 1951. Her first program was a 15-minute live singing show. She was 12 at the time.

McCOY: I wasn't happy just doing the one where I sang for 15 minutes. I wanted to play records because I wanted to play the artist.

REICHARD: So it’s been 72 years! One perk? She's met a lot of famous musicians over the years.

McCOY: I had the pleasure of meeting all those artists from Jim Reeves, Elvis, oh goodness, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash. You name them.

REICHARD: And, McCoy’s still at it! Co-hosting two-hours, six days a week for K-Star Country in Huntsville. Meaning her record setting career time is still growing, and if I ever hope to catch up to her, I will have to keep hosting the podcast until I'm 120.

BROWN: You and me both, Mary.

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