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Kicker - A scary pastry

WORLD Radio - Kicker - A scary pastry

Woman in Poland calls animal control over an unidentified object in her tree


MARY REICHARD, HOST: OK, so Megan, what would you do if you saw a scary animal lurking in a tree in your yard?

MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: If Brian wasn’t around, I don’t know, scream? And call animal control.

REICHARD: Smart! Well, a lady in Poland did call animal control when she saw something in her tree for two whole days! Inspectors asked her some clarifying questions to discern what the mystery beast could possibly be?

She thought maybe an iguana. She begged them to come quickly, because people in the neighborhood were afraid to go outside.

BASHAM: Well, yeah, if it’s in a tree it could pounce on them!

REICHARD: Inspectors thought maybe an abandoned pet. They carefully approached the tree and saw a headless, limbless…

BASHAM: Oh, no!

REICHARD: ...croissant!

BASHAM: The french pastry?!

REICHARD: Yes! A buttery, flaky croissant. Reportedly non-venomous, totally harmless. Someone likely just threw out for the birds.

The inspectors were gracious about the whole thing, though. They said it’s better to err on the side of caution and check things out.

BASHAM: Terrorized...killer croissant.

REICHARD: It’s The World and Everything in It.

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