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Kicker: A chain of beards


WORLD Radio - Kicker: A chain of beards

72 men made a chain with their beards that stretched 150 feet

Jimmy Preston, one of the lead organizers of the National Beard and Moustache Championships, gets his beard clipped to another man's beard, Friday, Nov. 11, 2022, at The Gaslight Social in Casper, Wyo. Lauren Miller/The Casper Star-Tribune via Associated Press

PAUL BUTLER, HOST: Some world records are feats of strength or great skill. Others are…well…real chin scratchers.

Two weeks ago in Casper, Wyoming,a gaggle of men put their heads together—or rather their long beards—in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest beard chain.


BUTLER: A beard chain.

BROWN: I’m not picturing it. How do you make a beard chain?

BUTLER: Well, picture this. 72 men with beards eight inches long or longer standing side by side in a large circle. Each beard is parted in half—think pigtails but with whiskers—then the two ends of each beard are temporarily clipped to the neighboring one.

The chain more than doubled the old record! The final measurement was 150 feet long!

BROWN: A lot of hairy guys!

BUTLER: Yep, they were all together for the National Beard and Mustache Competition.

The event raised money for good causes— homelessness and service dogs for veterans. So it was a successful fund razor and the beard chain was definitely the mane attraction.

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