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The state giveth and taketh away

Government healthcare puts a horrifying price tag on human life

People walk past a hospital in London, England, on March 27, 2020.  Stefan Rousseau/PA via Associated Press

The state giveth and taketh away

Last week I began my Common Sense Crusade on GB News by talking about Patient ST, a 19-year-old girl with a degenerative illness who wanted to live.

Her National Health Service doctors said she was “actively dying” and therefore wanted to withhold treatment. She wanted to die fighting to live.

Two psychiatrists deemed her compos mentis, willing and able to decide for herself.

However, ST’s medical doctors decided she must be delusional if she did not follow their “expert” advice. They took her to court and the judge not only agreed with her doctors, but slammed a gag order on Patient ST, which meant she could not talk about her condition publicly. She could not even identify herself.

This state-overreach meant Patient ST could not appeal for crowdfunding to send her over to Canada to join an experimental trial. It also meant she could not ask people to pray for her by name.

I said on the show that I was willing to breach the judge’s gag order. It was an immoral ruling, and this young woman’s right to life trumped it. God’s divine law trumps any law of man, and our law of the land should never attempt to supersede innate God-given rights.

Unfortunately, we did not get the opportunity to help Patient ST as we had hoped. If you have not already heard, I bring you the sad news that Patient ST died this week.

I want to dedicate my column to her memory. May she rest in peace.

As I understand it, her family will continue to fight, and good for them. How did we ever, though, get into a position where the state assumes control over not only how we live, but how and when we die?

We must stop this sterile treatment of human life, with seemingly compassionate terms like “quality of life,” which in fact lack any compassion whatsoever.

I keep hearing this soulless argument about “quality of life” as if a human life is only worth living if it reaches a particular abstract measure of what another human determines as quality. That is incorrect. Every single human life is sacred. This inhumane argument of “quality of life” often rears its ugly head when we discuss abortion, because believe it or not it is still legal in England to abort babies up to birth if they are to be born with a disability.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see as many young people with Down syndrome these days? That is because in England, and many others across the West, it is entirely legal to kill an unborn baby if he or she has a disability, because so-called medical professionals judge them to have a lower “quality of life” than the rest of us. How dare they? Who are any of us to judge whether someone else deserves to live, based on our own expectations of what it means to live a quality life? I know many happy, successful, and joyful men and women with Down syndrome and other life-altering disabilities, and like the rest of us, they have ups and downs but are very capable of living fulfilled lives.

We must stop this sterile treatment of human life, with seemingly compassionate terms like “quality of life,” which in fact lack any compassion whatsoever.

Of course, the other reason the NHS is hesitant to continue to treat people like Patient ST is the cost implications. This is always the danger with state healthcare. Each human being has a price tag over their heads—a point at which it is no longer financially viable to continue caring for someone.

Surely, at some point, we have to put the spreadsheets away and address the basic ethical question of: Is this the right thing to do?

But then that is a difficult question to ask, when as a country, as a Western society, we have done away with our moral compass. This is what happens when a nation decides it no longer needs to follow Christ. We ditched Christ, and put the NHS in His place. I would say that is not working out so well for us at the moment. Is it too late for us to change our minds?

Let us put Christ back into the heart of our nation. Back into the heart of the West. Let us restore a proper Christendom, and remind ourselves that every single human life is sacred, because Christ tells us so.

Calvin Robinson

The Rev. Calvin Robinson is a British broadcaster, political adviser, and commentator.

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