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A judgment just for Donald Trump

A judgment just for Donald Trump

Hunter Baker | Court’s judgment against the former president shows that the law isn’t blind in New York

Herbie Newell | The Church can provide a strong witness by supporting parents of children with Down syndrome

Erick Erickson | Outrage at NBC News over the hiring of Ronna McDaniel shows the media’s progressive bubble

Allie Beth Stuckey | The sinless God-man on the cross rerouted history and gained eternal victory


A.S. Ibrahim | The terrorist attack in Moscow shows the group is still a threat—even to the U.S. homeland

Daniel R. Suhr | Christian colleges aren’t in a good position to weather the coming demographic storm

Jordan J. Ballor | The Bible warns against putting our trust in princes—and that applies to politicians as well

Lael Weinberger | Half-baked plans for fast-tracking a Palestinian state would incentivize Hamas-style violence

Joseph Backholm | President Biden’s apology for saying “illegal” immigrant reflects the world we live in now

A.S. Ibrahim | Of course it is, but few will tell the truth