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Growing through books

Growing through books

Jeremy Larson | We should employ a “wise passiveness” in our summer reading

Andrew T. Walker | The Biden administration’s character is revealed in its work to erase age limits for “gender-affirming care”

Erin Hawley | With yesterday’s Supreme Court punt, the court’s NRA decision gains importance

Erick Erickson | The congressman became drunk on celebrity and forgot to represent his constituents


Daniel R. Suhr | The Supreme Court will decide if states can regulate transgender medical interventions for minors

Daniel Darling | America faces a manhood crisis, but this isn’t the answer

Ray Hacke | Caitlin Clark’s WNBA stardom brings other issues to light

Joe Rigney | Pro-lifers have reason, morality, and Scripture on our side, but 50 years of Roe hardened America

Anne Kennedy | The Episcopal Church shows its true priorities with a confused and disordered Pride shield

Miles Smith | So much is at stake in the upcoming French elections